Works in Progress

Scent of Attraction

This was the first story I ever published and I still have a soft spot for it. The story features Shawn, a fragrance sales associate, who fell hard for one of his customers. Unfortunately for Shawn, Graham, his customer, was buying a gift for his boyfriend. I won't reveal the rest of the plot except to assure you there was no cheating involved. 

The story was cute, but short at only 11,000 words. I wrote Scent of Attraction with a particular submission in mind so I had to stick to the word count limit. 

Now I have the rights for Scent of Attraction once again so I'm adding the scenes, including some from Graham's POV, that I was never able to include before. I'm just about done and I think I love Shawn and Graham even more now.       

Single Use Only

Updated July 15, 2013

So after some deliberation I went with the above title since Single Use Only is more in keeping with the themes in my story. (If you're wondering why "Paperclip" would have made a good title, you'll have to read the story to find out.) *grins*.

Loose Id will be publishing this one sometime in September or early October so I'm right in the thick of edits now. Stay tuned for further details.     

Mike and Chris from Stage Fright

Updated May 14, 2013

My current WIP, Single Use Only (or Paperclip, I haven't decided on the title), features Chris and Mike from Stage Fright. I'm just about finished the second draft and almost ready to send it off to the publisher.

Chris is Jesse's roommate and Mike is the props manager and photographer for The Erogenous Zone, the all-male revue where Jesse dances. 

Chris is a lot of fun to write. He's quirky with a great sense of humor and often says things that surprise people. Mike is a little older, a little quieter and as his thirty-eighth birthday approaches starting to wonder if maybe there's something to be said for settling down with one person.


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