Friday, February 1, 2013

Guest Spot on Labelle Books: A Teaser, Some Fun Facts & A Giveaway with Pender ...

Jennifer Labelle was generous enough to offer me a guest spot on her book blog. Since my new release, Stage Fright is set in Las Vegas I decided to share some of the fun facts I learned while writing Stage Fright. Some I discovered in person while visiting Vegas and some I found in travel guides, travel videos and Vegas tourism websites. A few of these tidbits made their way into the story.

The Strip is almost four miles long—and technically not in Las Vegas. City limits start closer to the Stratosphere than the airport. In fact, the famous Strip is actually on land owned by Clark County.

 Prostitution is legal in the state of Nevada, but not in Las Vegas or Clark County. Those “business cards” handed out on the Strip are for exotic dancers who will show up and perform in your hotel room. Pahrump is the closest town with legal brothels. (Only forty-five minutes away.)

 Las Vegas is in the Mojave Desert so where does the Bellagio get the twenty-seven million gallons of water needed for its ten-acre man-made lake and those fabulous fountains? It’s “grey water” reclaimed, filtered and chlorinated from the showers, bathtubs and sinks (though not the toilets) of the hotel. The Bellagio has over three thousand rooms. That’s a lot of bathtubs and sinks.

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Labelle Books: A Teaser, Some Fun Facts & A Giveaway with Pender ...:


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