Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Canada Day

I'm running off to enjoy the local Canada Day celebrations soon so I'll just take a couple of minutes to wave my flag and post a few Canadian-themed photos.

 When people think of Canada certain images automatically come to mind:

Like maple syrup,
maple syrup buckets

Taken in 1957 (Library and Archives Canada/PA-202178)
the frozen North, and of course, Mounties.

But there's more to Canada than just Mounties and maple syrup. Canada has a surprising number of m/m authors. At least, I was surprised when I agreed to take part in Canada Loves M/M Romance, a celebration of Canadian m/m authors over at Brief Encounters Reviews.

It's on now and there's still time to check out the local talent at Brief Encounters Reviews. There's another whole week to go and each author is giving away a book. That's thirteen authors in total and thirteen chances to win. If you're interested in reading my interview click here.

So whether you're hanging out at home in your underwear, or planning on enjoying the local festivities like I am, happy Canada Day, everyone!


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