Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Silver Flash Fiction - Secrets

Happy Holidays, everyone.

This is the Silver Flasher’s last flash before Christmas and this week's Prompt Diva is me, Pender. I provided two (sort of) seasonal prompts:

He/she didn't like secrets. 


"Smells like pine needles in here."

For those who weren’t inspired by the above, Julie offered these alternative prompts:

Use the following in a story: union suit, balance, and Hari Krishna   or

red balls  or

Tis the season to be (fill in the blank)

I can’t wait to see what everyone came up with. My story was originally going to be a seasonal cheery, sentimental piece, but it didn’t come out that way. *grins*

Copyright 2011

Jason unlocked the door and slipped inside. “Anybody home?”

There was no answer. Todd wasn’t home yet. Good. Jason wanted some time to root around a little. Figure out why Todd was behaving so strangely.

He didn’t bother to change out of his suit but headed straight for the living room.

Where was Todd’s laptop?

He found it on the floor tucked under the armchair. Jason took a fortifying breath and opened the laptop.

Todd had cleared his browser history. Jason poked around, looking at the downloads folders and scanning Todd’s emails. He couldn’t find anything that didn’t look like it should be there. So why was Todd being so secretive?

He felt like a real heel snooping around on Todd’s computer, but he didn’t like secrets. The one and only time his mom and dad had deliberately kept something from him he’d been ten. It turned out his dad was sleeping around and his parents were splitting up.

The divorce had seriously messed him up for a while and he’d lost his best friend when his mom dragged him across the state. He’d barely seen his dad in the last twenty years.        

Something was going on. Lately Todd had phone calls that ended the minute Jason walked into the room. Most worrying was the sticky note with an out of town phone number he’d found when he was doing their laundry. Too bad that after being washed and dried he couldn’t make out all of the numbers.  

He knew Todd wasn’t cheating. Todd was sweet and loving and Jason trusted him. But what if Todd wasn’t happy? What if he needed something that Jason wasn’t giving him?

Jason checked his watch. Todd would be home soon. A few minutes later he was seriously confused. He’d painstakingly entered each letter of the alphabet in the Google search box and looked at the suggestions. Todd hadn’t deleted his search history and a lot of the suggestions were based on his previous searches.

The ones that concerned him were ‘toys’ ‘collars’ and ‘training’.

At the scrape of Todd’s key in the lock he shoved the laptop back under the chair.


“In here.”


Jason watched Todd as they made and ate dinner together. Todd seemed happy, but he was hiding something.

Todd waved a hand on front of his face, making him jump. “You okay? I’ve been talking to you for the last five minutes.”

Jason nodded. “Sorry. Just tired I guess.”

Todd patted his shoulder. “Why don’t you go have a soak in the tub? I’ll clean up the kitchen.”

“Are you sure?”

Todd gave him a little push. “Go.” He grinned. “Maybe I’ll come up and wash your back.”

“Okay. Thanks.”

Jason headed upstairs and while the water was running he locked the door, flipped down the toilet seat lid and phoned his brother, Joel. Once the how’re-you-doings? were out of the way Jason spilled the beans.

“What do you think, Joel? You know Todd.”

“I think it’s obvious. He’s checking out BDSM.”

“What?” Jason almost fell off the toilet. “Todd’s not like that. He’s gentle. He doesn’t have a bossy bone in his body.”

“Maybe he wants you to be the bossy one.”

“Oh, God,” Jason groaned.

Todd knocked on the door. “Jason? Everything okay?”

“I’ve got to go.” He hung up fast.  


“I brought you some wine.” Todd sat on the edge of the bathtub while Jason took a bath he was too agitated to enjoy. He had no idea how to be a dominant, but if Todd wanted this, he could try.

“Want me to wash your back?”

Jason took a deep breath. “Yes.” He didn’t say please.

Todd frowned, but he knelt beside the tub.

Jason relaxed as Todd rubbed the soapy washcloth over his skin.

“Does that feel good?”

Jason almost answered but he changed it to a grunt at the last minute. “I want you to wash my chest.”

Todd huffed out a breath. His rubbing motions were a little more forceful.

“Now get me off.”

“You must be joking.” Todd flung the washcloth into the bath, splashing soapy water in Jason’s eyes.

He stood glaring at Jason. “I don’t know what you’re problem is, but you’ve been an ass all night. If you don’t stop, you’ll be sleeping on the couch.”

“I thought you wanted this. Joel said—” He cut himself off quickly.

Todd narrowed his eyes. “What did Joel say?”

Jason felt at a disadvantage sitting naked in a bathtub while his lover stood over him fully clothed and looking mad enough to make the bathwater boil. He thought about getting out, but Todd was blocking the towel rack.

“That you might be into BDSM.”

 Todd’s mouth dropped open. “Why would he say that?”

Jason decided to come clean about searching Todd’s computer and finding the sticky note.

Todd sat on the lid of the toilet. “You’re both idiots.”

“I know,” Jason agreed.

“Why would you ask Joel for relationship advice?”

“He’s had a lot of relationships.”

Todd rolled his eyes. “Exactly.”

“Then why the secret phone calls?” Jason confessed his fears. “I don’t want you to leave me.”

Todd’s eyes softened. “Come here, babe.”

Jason let Todd wrap him in a towel.

“I’ve been looking into getting a cat. Your work’s stressful and I thought a pet would help.” Todd rubbed his hair briskly as he talked. “I’ve been surfing the internet and phoning the animal shelter for info. The other phone number was for a breeder, but I think we should get a cat from the shelter. I was going to surprise you. Take you to pick one out together.”

Jason pushed the towel away, finger combing his hair. “We’re getting a cat?”

“If you’re okay with the idea.”

“Anything you want,” Jason said, relieved.

“And next time you’re worried you talk to me instead of reading my emails. Okay?”


“Good.”  Todd grinned. “Now let’s go to bed you big lug and I’ll let you have your way with me.”

The end.

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  1. Great story! I liked how Todd was understanding about Jason's snooping. Sweet ending.

  2. Cute story. I love how we as people jump to conclusions when our Mate is trying to surprise us with something good. It seems even the most optimistic person jumps to some of the worst conclusions when it involves someone we love. What is it about human nature that does that to us? I'm sure your story wasn't meant to instill so much thought or maybe it was.

    1. I'm glad I made you think, and hopefully smile too. :)