Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Snog

I had time to participate in Victoria's Sunday Snog this week. This is an excerpt from my free read, Dog Days of Summer, written for the Goodreads M/M Romance group's Hot Summer Days Anthology. 


Levi’s not the relationship type. He’s never been on a date, though he’s had plenty of hook-ups. But since he became the owner of a young dog, he doesn’t have time for either. 

Shea’s not looking for the right man. He’s grieving for his yellow Lab.

But all it takes to bring them together is one energetic young dog.


Levi covered Shea’s mouth with his own. Shea made a surprised sound but he didn’t pull away. Levi went on kissing Shea, enjoying the feel of warm, soft lips. He hadn’t been sure this was the right move, but Shea put a hand on Levi’s thigh and kissed him back, small open-mouthed kisses on his upper lip, the corner of his mouth. Levi put his hands under Shea’s arms and hauled him up onto the couch.

“Oh.” Shea blinked at him, his eyes wide and dark, the pupils dilated. Levi could feel Shea’s heartbeat under his hand, thumping away against his ribs. Shea licked his lips, a quick unconscious action.

“This okay?” Levi asked.

Shea’s gazed dropped to Levi’s mouth and he flushed. “Yeah.”

Levi leaned in. Shea tilted his chin and closed his eyes, his eyelashes dark crescents against his cheeks. Somehow it seemed such a trusting gesture. It reminded Levi that he wasn’t in some dark, smoky club making out with a nameless stranger. Even as he touched his tongue to the seam of Shea’s lips he wondered if he was going too fast for the other man, but Shea opened to him immediately.

Levi kissed him gently. Shea tasted of oranges; tart and sweet and a very nice change from booze and cigarettes. In the air-conditioned room his skin felt warm through the thin cotton of his shirt and he smelled clean, like soap or shampoo.

Levi slid his hands down to Shea’s hips. He pulled him closer then eased him down and back. Shea went with the movement, his hands stroking Levi’s biceps. He pushed up Shea’s shirt and rubbed the pads of his thumbs over Shea’s nipples. Shea moaned into Levi’s mouth and his nipples contracted to hard points under Levi’s teasing touch.

“Feels good, hmm?” Levi trailed his mouth down Shea’s chest, the body under his hands and lips smooth and firm.

He nipped at Shea’s flesh and scraped his teeth over those small, sensitive nubs. Levi worked the fly of Shea’s shorts and gently bit down on one diamond-hard nipple.

Shea gasped and arched under him. Levi used Shea’s movement to tug his shorts and briefs down. He looked down at Shea’s erection: beautiful.

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