Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Silver Flash

This week’s choices were from prompt diva, Freddy McKay:

"...We've come so far..."

"...I think/feel I'm entitled to your body..."

"...got a problem with personal space..."

and the alternative from flash guru, Ryssa: Use the following elements in your story:  knitting needle, motorcycle, dripping paint

Personally, I liked Freddy's second prompt. It gave me a chance to write something a little darker, though it was a challenge to keep within the 1000 word minimum and still wrap the piece up. Hope you enjoy.

Copyright © 2011
“Then I told him what a lazy ass he was.”

Ben smiled politely.

Simon laughed at his own story and waved the waiter over. He demanded another round of drinks.

“Thanks, but I’m good.” Ben gestured to his glass. “I haven’t finished this.”

Simon grinned at him. “Drink up, Ben. Places to go, people to do.”

Ben swallowed his irritation. This was their second and definitely their last date.

Simon was good-looking and charming and when first asked, Ben had been happy to go out. He’d been attentive and polite, but Simon seemed a little too used to getting his own way. Ben had accepted a kiss at the end of the date, but he hadn’t invited him in. He thought he’d seen a flash of irritation at that, but he hadn’t been sure.

Now he was sitting here, eating Mexican food, wondering why he’d said yes to a second date. He should have listened to his instincts.

Simon was drinking and his veneer of sophisticated charm was slipping. Ben was dreading the end of this date. He had a feeling it wouldn’t go well.


“Why don’t I come up?” Simon leaned closer. His breath smelled like refried beans.

Ben opened the passenger side door. “I don’t think so. It’s getting kind of late. Thank you for dinner.” He debated on a kiss on the cheek but decided against it. No point in sending mixed messages.

He started to get out of the car. Simon gripped his wrist, yanking him back. Ben fell back into the passenger seat, banging his head on the edge of the doorframe hard enough to see stars.

“Fuck!” Ben wrenched his arm free and scrambled from the car.

“Get back here!”

Not a chance. Ben cursed as he tried to unlock the apartment building’s front door. His hand was shaking. No one had ever tried to hurt him before.

Behind him the car door slammed. “You ungrateful little shit.”

He struggled to open the door, his heart pounding. The lock was tricky and the door remained stubbornly closed.

Simon shoved him up against the glass door, grabbing his arms and now he was really scared.

Simon’s breath was hot and sour. “I’ve spent time and money on you. I want much more than a “Thank you for dinner.” I think I’m entitled to your body: anyway I choose to use it.”

Simon was bigger than him and stronger. Ben’s hands were pinned over his head. He struggled. Simon was hard, his erection insistent against Ben's ass. “Go ahead, fight me. Wear yourself out.”      

Ben froze.

“Smart boy. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go up to your apartment and you’re going to offer me this pretty ass…”

Ben made a distressed sound as Simon ground against him. His dick felt huge. 

“…then your mouth.”


“Wrong answer. Try again.”

“He said no.”

Simon started and took a step back. Ben squeezed out from under him, rubbing his wrists.

His neighbor stood a couple of feet away, grocery bags in one hand. Ben wanted to run to his apartment and lock the door, but he couldn’t leave Antonio to face Simon alone.

Ben always enjoyed seeing his handsome, Hispanic neighbor, but right now he was so happy to see him, he could have hugged him. He was pretty sure Antonio wouldn’t like that. He always said hello, but kept his distance.  

"You should leave.”

Simon sneered. “Or what? You’re smaller than him.”

“I can still kick your ass.”

“I doubt that.”

Antonio shrugged. “We can find out. The police won’t arrive immediately.”

Simon swallowed. “Ah. Perhaps I should go.”

Antonio stood impassively as Simon got in to his car and drove away.

Ben turned and was quietly sick in the flowerbed. He wiped his mouth with his hand.    

“Come inside.”

Ben followed Antonio into the building and up to their floor. He paused outside his door. He didn’t have his keys.

“I have them, but you shouldn’t be alone right now.”

He handed Ben his keys. “Let me make you some tea.”

Antonio held his own door open, waiting for Ben’s decision.

Ben trailed Antonio into his kitchen. Antonio filled the kettle then calmly started putting his groceries away.

“Can I use your bathroom?”

“Of course.”

Ben splashed water on his face and rinsed his mouth.

He wandered back into the kitchen on shaky legs. Antonio was adding sugar to a mug of tea. “Let’s sit down.”

Ben sat on the couch. Antonio pushed the mug into his hands. “Drink.”

Ben sipped and made a face. The tea was too sweet.

“Drink it. You’re in shock.”

Ben drank the tea. Antonio sat in a chair and watched him with dark, inscrutable eyes.

“Did you really call the police?”

“No. But you should.”

He didn’t want to, but Antonio was right. “I will.”

“Good.” Antonio got up abruptly. He didn't come back.

Ben went into the kitchen and put the empty mug on the counter. Antonio was at the sink.

“Er...guess I’ll get going. Thanks for the tea,” he said to Antonio’s back.

Antonio turned. His eyes flashed. “Do you realize what could have happened? Why were you out with such a man?”

Antonio was angry, Ben realized. And now that the danger was past, he was too.

Ben yelled back. “I didn’t know he was like that and I get lonely, okay!”

He flushed. "Sorry."

“I would like to spend time with you,” Antonio said softly.


Antonio smiled. “May I stop by tomorrow?”

“Sure.” Ben flushed harder.

Antonio led him to the door. He touched his hand. “Call the police, then rest.”

Ben entered his apartment. He’d been an idiot. He’d known halfway through the first date, Simon was trouble, but he’d let rational thought override the warning signs. Look how that turned out.

Ben thought of Antonio and how he’d saved him. Antonio was brave, and a good man. He smiled. From now on he’d go with his instincts.  

The end.

This weeks flashers are:

Julie Hayes (m/m)

Lindsay Klug (m/f)

West Thornhill (m/m)

L. M. Brown (m/m)
Lily Sawyer (m/m)

Heather Lin (m/mf)

Freddy MacKay (m/m)
Sui Lynn (m/m)

Elyzabeth M. VaLey (m/f)


  1. I am glad Antonio showed up. Yeah Ben go with your instincts, and with Antonio (I hope he called the police on that asshole Simon)

    more please

    Linda (nice B'day present btw)

  2. I was scared for Ben! It's a good thing Antonio showed up. Are we going to see anymore of these two? :)