Friday, October 28, 2011

Bewitching Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop - Prizes Prizes Prizes

Happy Halloween!

Welcome to the next stop on the Bewitching Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop.

As part of the blog hop I'm holding a contest and giving away a PDF copy of my latest ebook, Right Street, Wrong House, available from Silver Publishing on October, 29th.

All you have to do for a chance to win is visit this blog before midnight (PST) on Oct 31st and leave a comment. Don't forget to include your email address.

If you'd like an extra chance to win, go to my Facebook page — the link is on the right-hand side of my blog — and click on the "like" button. (Or not. It's up to you.)

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

I'll announce the winner on November 1st.

To continue trick-or-treating click  here to go to the list of blog-hop participants. There's over 100 authors participating in this monster-sized Halloween blog-hop. Each author is giving something away so be sure to check them out for a chance to win a treat.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Right Street, Wrong House Release - Your Chance to Win a Copy

October 29th, is a big day for me. It's the release day for Right Street, Wrong House, my latest ebook. I think it came in around 10,000 words so it's really a long, short story. :)

The story takes place at Halloween, though there aren't any ghosts, or monsters, or ghouls. It does have a BDSM theme, though it's limited to some mild bondage.

The cover is amazing. Very creepy and sexy. Now there's two adjectives I never thought I'd use at the same time. LOL


Lewis goes to a Halloween party to meet someone new and get over his feelings for his friend Dylan. At the party, Lewis discovers the real reason Dylan holds himself back. But Lewis has secrets too and they’re more compatible than Dylan thinks.


Lewis looked at himself in the mirror. He was showered and shaved and wore a clean, neatly pressed golf shirt and jeans. He frowned at his reflection, frustrated. He looked so damned…nice.
Except for his sandy blond hair, which was a little too long, he looked like the typical boy-next-door. Maybe he shouldn't have shaved, but he didn't have enough facial hair to pull off the rugged look. He tried a sexy smile then grimaced. He'd only managed to look pleasant.
Lewis pulled the golf shirt over his head and put on a tight, silky black t-shirt, enjoying the sensuous brush of the fabric against his skin and nipples. He swapped the comfortable jeans for a pair that was much more form-fitting. The outfit was new and not a style he usually wore, but he was trying to make a statement.
With his blue eyes and wholesome, clean-cut looks he still looked like the kind of guy that would help his neighbors carry their groceries, but at least he didn't look like he'd forgotten his pocket protector at the office.
His cell phone buzzed. Lewis grabbed the phone from his dresser and checked the message.
Where are u? U are missing all the fun.
Lewis typed rapidly. On my way.
He took one last look at his reflection then headed to the kitchen to grab the cookies he'd made for the party.
Tonight's Halloween party was being hosted by a coworker's friend. Lewis had purposely waited 'til the party had started before leaving home. That way, his coworker Rob, the only other guest he knew, would already be there. Thank God costumes were optional. If he'd had to dress up in a costume he wouldn't have gone.
He wasn't shy. His dad always said he could talk the hind leg off a donkey—whatever the hell that meant—but he didn't normally go to parties. Hanging around some stranger's house, watching people getting drunk and acting stupid wasn't his thing, but tonight was different.
Tonight he would go to the party and if he saw someone interesting, he was going to flirt.
Rob had told him everyone was bringing snacks and that there'd be soft drinks provided, but if he wanted alcohol he should bring his own.
Lewis had considered taking some beer, but he'd decided to stick to soft drinks. When it came to alcohol he was a lightweight, plus he was driving.
He hadn't been sure what to bring for snacks so he'd made sugar cookies and decorated them with orange and black icing. He'd taken some to work and they'd been a big hit at the office. His best friend Dylan had eaten three or four, one right after the other.
Lewis laid the cookies on a large plastic plate shaped like a pumpkin. He frowned as he wrapped them with cling wrap. Dylan was the reason he'd agreed to go to the stupid party in the first place, damn it.
He'd known Dylan had been invited, but after Lewis had already accepted, he'd found out Dylan had other plans and couldn't make it.
He wondered what Dylan was doing instead. He'd asked when they were eating lunch in the break room, but Dylan had looked at Lewis, and shrugged. "Just stuff."
Lewis had been frustrated but he'd known he wouldn't get anything else out of him. Even though they were best friends, Dylan could be secretive.
"Come on, Dylan. I already said I'd go and if you don't come too, I won't know anyone but Rob," he'd complained.
"Oh, please. You make friends everywhere you go. Within half an hour you'll be on everyone's Christmas card list."
Lewis had rolled his eyes. "No one has Christmas card lists anymore."
Dylan had thrown his balled-up napkin at him.
Lewis grumbled to himself as he grabbed the cookies and his keys from the kitchen counter. He was disappointed Dylan wasn't going to be there, but if he had some place he'd rather be than at the Halloween party with Lewis, that was fine. Lewis squared his shoulders. In fact, that was all the more reason to go.
It was time to meet some new people and try to get over his feelings for Dylan. They'd known each other for six years, but no matter what he did or said, Dylan refused to see him as anything other than a good friend.

RSWH's release is just in time for me to give a PDF copy away as my prize in Drea Becraft's, Bewitching Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop.

There lots of author's participating in the blog hop and each one of them has promised to give away a prize — maybe a book, a gift certificate, Tootsie Pops, who knows? (I love those things though I always seem to cut my tongue on them.)

So be sure to pop by between Oct 28 and Oct 31 for your chance to win.
Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bewitching Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop, Prizes Galore

I wasn't able to participate in the Silver Flash this week. I've been getting ready for the release of my Halloween story Right Street, Wrong House, available October 29th.  Check out the cover on the left-hand side of my blog. Isn't it awesome?

The release date ties in quite nicely with Drea Becraft's giant Bewitching Trick-or-Treat Blog Hop. As I'm one of the participating authors, I'll be giving away a copy of  Right Street, Wrong House as part of the fun. So be sure to stop by between October 28th and 31st. I'll post more details on the 28th.

In the meantime, for a list of the 101 participating authors (each one offering a prize) click here.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Silver Flash

This week’s choices were from prompt diva, Freddy McKay:

"...We've come so far..."

"...I think/feel I'm entitled to your body..."

" a problem with personal space..."

and the alternative from flash guru, Ryssa: Use the following elements in your story:  knitting needle, motorcycle, dripping paint

Personally, I liked Freddy's second prompt. It gave me a chance to write something a little darker, though it was a challenge to keep within the 1000 word minimum and still wrap the piece up. Hope you enjoy.

Copyright © 2011
“Then I told him what a lazy ass he was.”

Ben smiled politely.

Simon laughed at his own story and waved the waiter over. He demanded another round of drinks.

“Thanks, but I’m good.” Ben gestured to his glass. “I haven’t finished this.”

Simon grinned at him. “Drink up, Ben. Places to go, people to do.”

Ben swallowed his irritation. This was their second and definitely their last date.

Simon was good-looking and charming and when first asked, Ben had been happy to go out. He’d been attentive and polite, but Simon seemed a little too used to getting his own way. Ben had accepted a kiss at the end of the date, but he hadn’t invited him in. He thought he’d seen a flash of irritation at that, but he hadn’t been sure.

Now he was sitting here, eating Mexican food, wondering why he’d said yes to a second date. He should have listened to his instincts.

Simon was drinking and his veneer of sophisticated charm was slipping. Ben was dreading the end of this date. He had a feeling it wouldn’t go well.


“Why don’t I come up?” Simon leaned closer. His breath smelled like refried beans.

Ben opened the passenger side door. “I don’t think so. It’s getting kind of late. Thank you for dinner.” He debated on a kiss on the cheek but decided against it. No point in sending mixed messages.

He started to get out of the car. Simon gripped his wrist, yanking him back. Ben fell back into the passenger seat, banging his head on the edge of the doorframe hard enough to see stars.

“Fuck!” Ben wrenched his arm free and scrambled from the car.

“Get back here!”

Not a chance. Ben cursed as he tried to unlock the apartment building’s front door. His hand was shaking. No one had ever tried to hurt him before.

Behind him the car door slammed. “You ungrateful little shit.”

He struggled to open the door, his heart pounding. The lock was tricky and the door remained stubbornly closed.

Simon shoved him up against the glass door, grabbing his arms and now he was really scared.

Simon’s breath was hot and sour. “I’ve spent time and money on you. I want much more than a “Thank you for dinner.” I think I’m entitled to your body: anyway I choose to use it.”

Simon was bigger than him and stronger. Ben’s hands were pinned over his head. He struggled. Simon was hard, his erection insistent against Ben's ass. “Go ahead, fight me. Wear yourself out.”      

Ben froze.

“Smart boy. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to go up to your apartment and you’re going to offer me this pretty ass…”

Ben made a distressed sound as Simon ground against him. His dick felt huge. 

“…then your mouth.”


“Wrong answer. Try again.”

“He said no.”

Simon started and took a step back. Ben squeezed out from under him, rubbing his wrists.

His neighbor stood a couple of feet away, grocery bags in one hand. Ben wanted to run to his apartment and lock the door, but he couldn’t leave Antonio to face Simon alone.

Ben always enjoyed seeing his handsome, Hispanic neighbor, but right now he was so happy to see him, he could have hugged him. He was pretty sure Antonio wouldn’t like that. He always said hello, but kept his distance.  

"You should leave.”

Simon sneered. “Or what? You’re smaller than him.”

“I can still kick your ass.”

“I doubt that.”

Antonio shrugged. “We can find out. The police won’t arrive immediately.”

Simon swallowed. “Ah. Perhaps I should go.”

Antonio stood impassively as Simon got in to his car and drove away.

Ben turned and was quietly sick in the flowerbed. He wiped his mouth with his hand.    

“Come inside.”

Ben followed Antonio into the building and up to their floor. He paused outside his door. He didn’t have his keys.

“I have them, but you shouldn’t be alone right now.”

He handed Ben his keys. “Let me make you some tea.”

Antonio held his own door open, waiting for Ben’s decision.

Ben trailed Antonio into his kitchen. Antonio filled the kettle then calmly started putting his groceries away.

“Can I use your bathroom?”

“Of course.”

Ben splashed water on his face and rinsed his mouth.

He wandered back into the kitchen on shaky legs. Antonio was adding sugar to a mug of tea. “Let’s sit down.”

Ben sat on the couch. Antonio pushed the mug into his hands. “Drink.”

Ben sipped and made a face. The tea was too sweet.

“Drink it. You’re in shock.”

Ben drank the tea. Antonio sat in a chair and watched him with dark, inscrutable eyes.

“Did you really call the police?”

“No. But you should.”

He didn’t want to, but Antonio was right. “I will.”

“Good.” Antonio got up abruptly. He didn't come back.

Ben went into the kitchen and put the empty mug on the counter. Antonio was at the sink.

“Er...guess I’ll get going. Thanks for the tea,” he said to Antonio’s back.

Antonio turned. His eyes flashed. “Do you realize what could have happened? Why were you out with such a man?”

Antonio was angry, Ben realized. And now that the danger was past, he was too.

Ben yelled back. “I didn’t know he was like that and I get lonely, okay!”

He flushed. "Sorry."

“I would like to spend time with you,” Antonio said softly.


Antonio smiled. “May I stop by tomorrow?”

“Sure.” Ben flushed harder.

Antonio led him to the door. He touched his hand. “Call the police, then rest.”

Ben entered his apartment. He’d been an idiot. He’d known halfway through the first date, Simon was trouble, but he’d let rational thought override the warning signs. Look how that turned out.

Ben thought of Antonio and how he’d saved him. Antonio was brave, and a good man. He smiled. From now on he’d go with his instincts.  

The end.

This weeks flashers are:

Julie Hayes (m/m)

Lindsay Klug (m/f)

West Thornhill (m/m)

L. M. Brown (m/m)
Lily Sawyer (m/m)

Heather Lin (m/mf)

Freddy MacKay (m/m)
Sui Lynn (m/m)

Elyzabeth M. VaLey (m/f)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Snog

I had time to participate in Victoria's Sunday Snog this week. This is an excerpt from my free read, Dog Days of Summer, written for the Goodreads M/M Romance group's Hot Summer Days Anthology. 


Levi’s not the relationship type. He’s never been on a date, though he’s had plenty of hook-ups. But since he became the owner of a young dog, he doesn’t have time for either. 

Shea’s not looking for the right man. He’s grieving for his yellow Lab.

But all it takes to bring them together is one energetic young dog.


Levi covered Shea’s mouth with his own. Shea made a surprised sound but he didn’t pull away. Levi went on kissing Shea, enjoying the feel of warm, soft lips. He hadn’t been sure this was the right move, but Shea put a hand on Levi’s thigh and kissed him back, small open-mouthed kisses on his upper lip, the corner of his mouth. Levi put his hands under Shea’s arms and hauled him up onto the couch.

“Oh.” Shea blinked at him, his eyes wide and dark, the pupils dilated. Levi could feel Shea’s heartbeat under his hand, thumping away against his ribs. Shea licked his lips, a quick unconscious action.

“This okay?” Levi asked.

Shea’s gazed dropped to Levi’s mouth and he flushed. “Yeah.”

Levi leaned in. Shea tilted his chin and closed his eyes, his eyelashes dark crescents against his cheeks. Somehow it seemed such a trusting gesture. It reminded Levi that he wasn’t in some dark, smoky club making out with a nameless stranger. Even as he touched his tongue to the seam of Shea’s lips he wondered if he was going too fast for the other man, but Shea opened to him immediately.

Levi kissed him gently. Shea tasted of oranges; tart and sweet and a very nice change from booze and cigarettes. In the air-conditioned room his skin felt warm through the thin cotton of his shirt and he smelled clean, like soap or shampoo.

Levi slid his hands down to Shea’s hips. He pulled him closer then eased him down and back. Shea went with the movement, his hands stroking Levi’s biceps. He pushed up Shea’s shirt and rubbed the pads of his thumbs over Shea’s nipples. Shea moaned into Levi’s mouth and his nipples contracted to hard points under Levi’s teasing touch.

“Feels good, hmm?” Levi trailed his mouth down Shea’s chest, the body under his hands and lips smooth and firm.

He nipped at Shea’s flesh and scraped his teeth over those small, sensitive nubs. Levi worked the fly of Shea’s shorts and gently bit down on one diamond-hard nipple.

Shea gasped and arched under him. Levi used Shea’s movement to tug his shorts and briefs down. He looked down at Shea’s erection: beautiful.

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