Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silver Flash

This last few weeks I've had a lot of company and that's seriously cut into my writing time. I did manage to write a flash for this week, though it was at the eleventh hour. 

Ryssa provided a choice of prompts: 

"Which one do you like better?"
Use the following elements in your story: star, speaker, candle. 

Read on to see which one I used.

Blind Date

Copyright © 2011

Kurt stood at the end of an aisle watching the cutest guy he’d seen in a long time. He’d only come to the grocery store to pick up a six-pack of beer at the last minute, but as he’d cut through the produce section on his way to the cashiers, he’d seen him

The guy was shorter than Kurt, and trim with a tight little body. He had thick, wavy, dark blond hair and the sweetest face. Right now it was all scrunched up with indecision.

The guy had been circling the fruit display anxiously. He’d picked up a pint of strawberries twice, putting it back both times. Now he was staring at the melons as if he was going to be blindfolded and asked how many cantaloupes were in the pile.

Kurt wanted a better look. He drifted towards the melons.

Close up, the guy was even cuter. Long, light brown lashes and lips just made for kissing. Kurt was tempted to skip out on his date and try to get Sweet Stuff’s phone number. He couldn’t do that though. He wasn’t the kind of man that left someone hanging. He sighed. This wasn't even his neighborhood, but maybe if he came back here to shop another day they might meet up. It was unlikely, but stranger things had happened.

He transferred the six-pack to his other arm and checked his watch. Time to go. He took one last look.

Honey-gold, brown eyes met his. “Which one do you like better?”

Kurt stared, mesmerized. “Excuse me?”

The cute guy gazed up at him. “I need to buy some fruit for dessert, but the selection is pitiful. Which one do you like better? Strawberries or cantaloupe?”

Kurt came around the display ‘til he was standing next to Sweet Stuff. “Get whichever one you like.” The guy smelled clean, like vanilla soap. He inhaled a couple of times, trying to be subtle.  

Sweet Stuff bit his oh-so-kissable bottom lip. “That’s just it. I like both.”

“So what’s the problem?” Besides the fact that he should be leaving now or he was going to be late.

“I don’t know what my date likes.”

Interesting. “First date?” Kurt hoped he didn’t sound too aggressive.

“Blind date! I don’t know how I got talked into this. He’s coming over for dinner and I don’t know anything about him.”

As soon as the cutie realized what he’d said his light brown eyes shot up to Kurt’s face. He took a step back and reached for a basket of strawberries. “Never mind, I’ll just get these.”

Aw, the poor guy. Was he worried he was going to get thumped? Kurt really felt for him. With his build he could come across as intimidating, but he wanted to put the sweet little thing at ease. He did his best to look harmless and keep the conversation going. “Some people are allergic to strawberries.”

“Oh! Damn.” The guy forgot he was worried about Kurt’s reaction.

Kurt brought out the big guns and smiled. He’d been told his smile was one of his best features. Sweet Stuff eyes widened and he swallowed.

“If I were you I’d get the cantaloupe to play it safe.” Kurt was partial to cantaloupe.

“Safe. Right.” The cute guy was still staring. He made no move to choose a melon.  

Kurt stepped closer. He put down the beer and picked up a decent-looking melon. “This one looks good. You can tell if it’s ready when you push the end with your thumb. See how soft it is?”

They both watched as his thumb pressed into the melon. “If it wasn’t ripe it would still feel hard.” He held it out. “Why don’t you try?”

He held the cantaloupe as Sweet Stuff cautiously poked at the melon. “It doesn’t feel hard.” He was blushing furiously. 

Kurt pushed the melon into his hands. “He’ll like this one. I know it.”

“You think so?” Those sexy brown eyes met his then dropped to his mouth. His cutie chewed on his lip. “I don’t suppose…” He sighed. “Thanks. I guess I should get going.” He tucked the melon under his arm and walked off, reluctance in every step.

Kurt let him go, watching as the guy stood in the check-out line. He was almost vibrating with tension and repeatedly glancing at his watch.

Kurt kept his eyes on him as he sent a text message to his date warning him he’d be a few minutes late. The cutie pulled his phone out of his pocket and read his screen. His shoulders relaxed as he tucked the phone away. He grabbed a roll of breath mints and dropped them onto the conveyor belt, next to the melon.

Kurt grinned. There was a slim chance someone else had sent the cutie a text, but he was pretty sure he’d just confirmed Sweet Stuff was Luke, his blind date. He picked up the six-pack and headed back to the beer section. Forget beer. This was a date that called for wine and flowers. Definitely flowers.

He grinned. Maybe blind dates weren’t so bad after all.  

The end.

We've got a ton of flashers this week, including our newest flasher, Elyzabeth M. VaLey. So let's give her and all the other flashers lots of encouragement and support. Thanks. 

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  1. Oh, I enjoyed that. I would love to see what happens next with Kurt and Luke.

  2. :) I smiled through the whole story. I really enjoyed it!

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