Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flash Snippet

I didn't have time to participate in the Silver Flash Fiction this week, but tonight, as I was cleaning up my hard drive I came across this snippet. It's a 300 word flash written for RJ Scott's Favorite Fives Interview. RJ chose three words at random:

phone, night, alone

This is what I came up with.

No Time Like the Present
Copyright  2011

Matthew turned off the TV. Almost 9:30. Time to make the call, the one he made every Monday and Wednesday night.

He picked up his phone, anticipation heightening his senses as he listened to it ringing at the other end.


“I’ve been watching you.”

Silence then, “What do you want?”

Matthew grinned. “You. I want you.”

He settled more comfortably on the sofa, one hand slowly stroking over the front of his jeans. No response. Or was there? Matthew focused. He wanted to hear every shaky breath, every gasp.

Was that a muffled groan?

“I want to get you alone, press my mouth over yours and kiss you. I want to touch you, to pin you down with the weight of my body and unbutton your shirt with my teeth. I want to undress you and lick you, kiss you till you squirm and beg. Then, when you’re writhing and arching against me I’ll take what belongs to me; I’ll take my pleasure in your body.”
Ragged breathing in Matthew’s ear, but his listener didn’t hang up.

He heard the building’s elevator grind to a stop and footsteps in the hall. He’d have to be quick.

A key scraped in the lock of his apartment door.

“You listening? You hear what I want? What I’m planning to do to you?”

Matthew snapped his phone shut and turned.

His boyfriend stood in the entrance to their living room, the strap of his backpack still over one shoulder. His face was flushed and he was breathing hard as if he’d been hurrying to get home since the minute he got out of class.

His cell phone was still pressed tightly to his ear.

His eyes burned into Matthew’s then slowly, he grinned. “There’s no time like the present.” 

If you'd like to read the interview and find out what I like to read, watch on TV, etc. here's the link to the original interview.

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