Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Silver Flash

It's Silver Flash Wednesday. This week Prompt Diva Chris Quinton offered up:

"...but it's turning green!"

Or use these words:  butterfly-effect; bombshell; clouded  

If we were still stumped, Ryssa kindly provided us with this alternative:  

"I was expecting you to kiss me weeks ago."

I went with the first prompt and the first thing that came to mind. I really like this one. Hope you do too.


Copyright © 2011

The first thing he saw was the sign — “Welcome Class of 1991”. He swallowed and stepped through the hotel’s ballroom doors. Too late to back out now.

“Name?” The blond barely looked at him. 

“Dale Leblanc.”

The blond looked up. “Wow! You really filled out.”

Dale dropped his eyes to the registration table. He could see his nametag peeking out of the pile.

“I’m Katie. Katie Miller, remember?”

“Yeah.” Dale forced a smile onto his face. He’d never liked Katie.

Katie gave him a flirtatious look. Her fingers brushed his as she handed his nametag over.

“Maybe we could catch up on old times? You missed our ten year reunion.”

“I’m not interested, Katie. I’m gay.”

Katie looked stunned. He’d probably been too blunt or maybe she hadn’t been turned down before.

He left her sitting, mouth gaping like a dying fish, and headed for the bar.

Two rum and cokes later Dale was ready to go. It had been a mistake to come to the meet and greet. He sure as hell wasn’t coming to tomorrow’s dinner. He didn’t recognize any of these people and the only one he cared about hadn’t shown.

“Dale Leblanc?”

Dale felt that voice all the way from his toenails to the crown of his head. He turned slowly. Hope and nervousness warred in his stomach.

Tony Nakamura stood in front of him. He looked every bit as gorgeous as Dale remembered. Slim build, dark eyes and a sensuous mouth. His hair was still a sleek, shiny black. Dale clenched his fists so he wouldn’t reach out and touch.

Tony smiled and Dale felt his insides twist.

“Mom said you’d be here, but I didn’t believe it.” He stepped closer, into Dale’s personal space. “It’s good to see you, Dale. It’s been way too long.”    

Dale cleared his throat. “Twenty years.”

Tony looked up at him. “What happened to us? We were best friends once. Hell, our parents are still neighbors.”

Dale shrugged. He couldn’t say, “I loved you too much.”

Tony stared over his shoulder and Dale turned to look. Katie was watching them.

“Let’s go somewhere we can talk.”

Dale nodded. He left his glass on the bar and followed Tony outside. They stepped off the patio and walked along a wooden boardwalk. Tony turned right and headed out onto a dark pier. He plopped down onto a wooden bench, patting the space next to him.

Dale sat, his hands resting on his knees. The lights from the hotel bled into the lake water but didn’t reach them here. Tony’s crisp, white dress shirt seemed luminous in the dark. He could smell Tony’s aftershave; almost feel his body heat.

Tony shifted, tucking one leg beneath him. His knee brushed Dale’s thigh. Dale forced himself not to move away. His body felt raw, hypersensitive. He concentrated on breathing. He’d wanted to see Tony, but all those long buried feelings were rushing back.

“Why did you come tonight?” Tony’s voice was soft, curious.

“It’s our class reunion.”

“You didn’t come for the ten-year one.”

“I was busy.” Busy trying to avoid seeing Tony. Coming here tonight had been a mistake. He hadn’t been prepared for the intensity of his emotions. 

“Busy being a world famous food and wine critic.”

Dale looked at Tony surprised. “You know what I do?” He grimaced. “I’m not world famous.”

“Pretty close. The way your mom tells it.” Tony nudged him with his knee.

“Ah…” Dale’s face flamed. He shifted the focus to Tony’s career. “I hear you’re in the hospitality industry.”

“Yeah. I run the hotel up at the ski hill.”

Dale snorted. “Hotel? It’s a five-star chateau, for chrissakes.”

Tony shrugged. “Same principles apply. Keep the customers happy.” He looked thoughtful. “Hey, you been keeping tabs on me?”

Dale blushed again. “Our moms talk. Sometimes I wonder what you’re up to,” he added more honestly.

Tony leaned forward. “I still have it, you know.” 

“Have what?” He didn’t mean that. Did he?

“The ring you gave me.”

“It wasn’t a real ring.” He couldn’t believe Tony had kept it. He’d made it when his dad had been fixing the bathroom pipes. Dale had taken a snippet of copper his dad had trimmed off. He’d sanded and polished it and the next day at school he’d presented it to Tony.

“You’re my best friend. We’ll get married when we’re older,” he’d stated with all the certainty of an eight-year old.

Tony’s Japanese build was more slender than Dale’s. He’d had to wear the ring on his thumb, but he’d worn it proudly.

Until Katie Miller had laughed at them. “You can’t marry each other.”

“Why not? I gave him a ring.” Dale had been furious.

“But it’s turning green. So it’s not a real ring and anyway, boys don’t marry each other.” Katie was smug.

Tony had looked so sad. Dale had run home to ask his mom. It was true. It was against the law for two boys to marry.

Dale had been heart-broken. He’d never gotten over it, or Tony, though they’d stayed best friends all through school. After high school he’d moved away, from the town and his lost-love.

“I brought it with me.” Tony reached into his pocket and opened his palm.

The ring looked so small. Hard to believe it had ever been too big.

“Why?” Dale refused to hope.

“Gay marriage is legal in Canada now.”

Dale tore his eyes off the ring. “You’re joking.”

“Well, I thought we could start with dating,” Tony teased.

“We don’t live in the same town.” He hadn’t even known for sure Tony was gay. Until now.

“If it works out, I’ll move. There’s hotels everywhere.”


Tony’s smile slipped.

“You’ve got a great job. I’ll move.”

Tony kissed him. Dale’s brain melted like ice cream in a microwave.

“Come on, sexy.” Tony pulled him to his feet. 

“Where’re we going?”

“My hotel room.” Tony grinned. “We’ve got a reunion to celebrate.”

The end.

This week's flashers are:

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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Flash Snippet

I didn't have time to participate in the Silver Flash Fiction this week, but tonight, as I was cleaning up my hard drive I came across this snippet. It's a 300 word flash written for RJ Scott's Favorite Fives Interview. RJ chose three words at random:

phone, night, alone

This is what I came up with.

No Time Like the Present
Copyright  2011

Matthew turned off the TV. Almost 9:30. Time to make the call, the one he made every Monday and Wednesday night.

He picked up his phone, anticipation heightening his senses as he listened to it ringing at the other end.


“I’ve been watching you.”

Silence then, “What do you want?”

Matthew grinned. “You. I want you.”

He settled more comfortably on the sofa, one hand slowly stroking over the front of his jeans. No response. Or was there? Matthew focused. He wanted to hear every shaky breath, every gasp.

Was that a muffled groan?

“I want to get you alone, press my mouth over yours and kiss you. I want to touch you, to pin you down with the weight of my body and unbutton your shirt with my teeth. I want to undress you and lick you, kiss you till you squirm and beg. Then, when you’re writhing and arching against me I’ll take what belongs to me; I’ll take my pleasure in your body.”
Ragged breathing in Matthew’s ear, but his listener didn’t hang up.

He heard the building’s elevator grind to a stop and footsteps in the hall. He’d have to be quick.

A key scraped in the lock of his apartment door.

“You listening? You hear what I want? What I’m planning to do to you?”

Matthew snapped his phone shut and turned.

His boyfriend stood in the entrance to their living room, the strap of his backpack still over one shoulder. His face was flushed and he was breathing hard as if he’d been hurrying to get home since the minute he got out of class.

His cell phone was still pressed tightly to his ear.

His eyes burned into Matthew’s then slowly, he grinned. “There’s no time like the present.” 

If you'd like to read the interview and find out what I like to read, watch on TV, etc. here's the link to the original interview.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Silver Flash

Happy Hump Day!

This week’s choices were either the sentence or the three items below:

"Well, I don't know about you, but I like to know what I'm getting into."


key, paper, raw meat

I had trouble with this one, but in the end I’m reasonably happy and it’s exactly 1000 words so, yay me!

Friends and Lovers
Copyright © 2011

The minute Ray opened the door he knew something was wrong. The apartment was too quiet. Jared’s annoying, pretentious music was always playing, but not right now. He took a step forward and stopped. A key was lying on the floor just inside the door.

Ray dropped his backpack in the hall and wandered through the apartment. The kettle was gone – and the teapot. There was a blank spot in the living room bookcase where Jared’s CDs and DVDs used to be. Jared’s toothbrush was missing from the bathroom, along with his shampoo and conditioner.

Ray’s pillow and the patchwork quilt his grandmother had made him were on the floor beside the bed. Ray sat on the bare mattress. Jared had taken the sheets. Well why not? He’d paid for them.   


“He took the sheets right off the bed? What an asshat!”

Ray slapped two patties onto the grill. He stared at the raw meat as the blood congealed and turned to thick, gray-brown beads. He’d moved in with Jared for the wrong reason, but Jared had left him for the right one. 

“Ray? You okay, man?” 
Drew’s worried face blocked his view of the burgers.

“He left a note.” And a list of the things he’d taken. Jared had pinned the paper to the fridge with a smiley face fridge magnet.

“A note? What the— Hang on.” Drew held up a finger in a wait-a-minute gesture. “Welcome to Berserker Burger. Can I take your order?”

Ray heard an indistinct squawking from the drive-thru window.

“Okay, let me know when you’re ready.” Drew wrenched off his headset. “Beth, can you do drive-thru for me?”

“Yes!” Beth grabbed the headset. “You’re on fries for the rest of the night, Fool.”

Drew rolled his eyes. “Whatever.” He dropped some fries into the fryer then came to stand by the grill. “So why’d he leave?”

Ray flipped the burgers. “I couldn’t give him what he wanted.”

Drew looked so outraged he looked comical. “You gave him everything. You moved out of the dorms and rented that apartment to be with him. You passed up that sweet library job so you’d be home more nights.” He scowled. “You should have taken it. This place sucks.”

“I know.” Ray slapped cheese slices onto the patties. He’d been an idiot, but Jared had given him another chance.

Drew patted his shoulder. “Whatever you need, Ray.” His face went red and he hurried over to the deep fryer.

Ray gazed at his best friend’s back.

After work they went to Ray’s place. Drew poked through each room, shaking his head.

Jared had overlooked some herbal tea. Drew insisted on drinking it. He heated water in the microwave. “If he comes back for his tea it’s too damn bad.”

Ray thought of the key. “He won’t. You know, I’m glad he left. We had nothing in common. I don’t really know why he wanted to date me.”

“Cause you’re smart and sweet and fucking gorgeous, that’s why!” Drew closed his mouth abruptly. 

Ray chewed on his lip. “The lease for this place is in my name.”

“What are you gonna do?” Drew sipped his tea and made a face.

“I’m good for the next couple of months, but after that I’ll need a roommate.”

“Uh, Ray, there’s only one bedroom.” Drew was sitting on the floor, his back against the couch. He looked worried.

So was Ray, but not for the same reasons. He took a deep breath. “Will you move in with me?”

He was watching closely or he wouldn’t have seen all the expressions that crossed Drew’s face: surprise, happiness, then regret.

“I know I’m not the tallest guy, but I can’t sleep on that lumpy couch for the rest of the school year.”

Ray knelt beside Drew. “You could sleep with me.”

Sleep with you?” Drew tried to get to his feet but the coffee table — and Ray — were in the way.

“You asked me once why I was dating Jared. I said I didn’t want to tell you, but I’ll tell you now.” He reached out and gently touched Drew’s arm, just below the sleeve of his t-shirt.

Drew sat frozen, watching him with wide, solemn eyes. Such a lovely shade of green, like new leaves in springtime.

“I started seeing Jared because I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Ray...” Drew sounded as if he was in pain.

Ray slid his hand down Drew’s arm. He interlaced their fingers.

“I thought having you as a friend was the best I could hope for.”

Drew pushed him away and got to his feet. “You don’t mean this. You’re on the rebound.” He went to the window and stood staring out, cupping his elbows with his palms.

“Maybe I’m a bit messed up right now, but I wanted you long before I met Jared. That hasn’t changed.”

“Why’re you telling me now?”   

“You gave yourself away.” Ray stood behind him, his hands on Drew’s shoulders. “You didn’t like Jared and he didn’t like you. He said you were jealous. I didn’t believe him, but I started noticing things, like the way you looked at me when you thought I wasn’t looking.” 

Drew turned around. “I hated seeing you trying to change for him. You shouldn’t have to change for anyone. But, Ray, friends to lovers is always a bad idea.” 

“We’ve liked each other since we met. We can be friends and lovers.”

Drew looked torn. “This is a big leap. We haven’t even dated or kissed and you’re asking me to move in.”

“We can date first. If you don’t want to move in I’ll think of something, but I’m serious about seeing you. I guess I’m just gonna have to convince you. ”


Ray kissed him. The way he’d wanted to since forever, slow and sweet with a hint of tongue and teeth.

“Mmm.” Drew looked thoughtful. “I don’t know. I might need more convincing.”

Ray smiled. “No problem.”

The end.           

We’ve got lots of Silver Flashers this week for your reading pleasure. 

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Silver Flash

This last few weeks I've had a lot of company and that's seriously cut into my writing time. I did manage to write a flash for this week, though it was at the eleventh hour. 

Ryssa provided a choice of prompts: 

"Which one do you like better?"
Use the following elements in your story: star, speaker, candle. 

Read on to see which one I used.

Blind Date

Copyright © 2011

Kurt stood at the end of an aisle watching the cutest guy he’d seen in a long time. He’d only come to the grocery store to pick up a six-pack of beer at the last minute, but as he’d cut through the produce section on his way to the cashiers, he’d seen him

The guy was shorter than Kurt, and trim with a tight little body. He had thick, wavy, dark blond hair and the sweetest face. Right now it was all scrunched up with indecision.

The guy had been circling the fruit display anxiously. He’d picked up a pint of strawberries twice, putting it back both times. Now he was staring at the melons as if he was going to be blindfolded and asked how many cantaloupes were in the pile.

Kurt wanted a better look. He drifted towards the melons.

Close up, the guy was even cuter. Long, light brown lashes and lips just made for kissing. Kurt was tempted to skip out on his date and try to get Sweet Stuff’s phone number. He couldn’t do that though. He wasn’t the kind of man that left someone hanging. He sighed. This wasn't even his neighborhood, but maybe if he came back here to shop another day they might meet up. It was unlikely, but stranger things had happened.

He transferred the six-pack to his other arm and checked his watch. Time to go. He took one last look.

Honey-gold, brown eyes met his. “Which one do you like better?”

Kurt stared, mesmerized. “Excuse me?”

The cute guy gazed up at him. “I need to buy some fruit for dessert, but the selection is pitiful. Which one do you like better? Strawberries or cantaloupe?”

Kurt came around the display ‘til he was standing next to Sweet Stuff. “Get whichever one you like.” The guy smelled clean, like vanilla soap. He inhaled a couple of times, trying to be subtle.  

Sweet Stuff bit his oh-so-kissable bottom lip. “That’s just it. I like both.”

“So what’s the problem?” Besides the fact that he should be leaving now or he was going to be late.

“I don’t know what my date likes.”

Interesting. “First date?” Kurt hoped he didn’t sound too aggressive.

“Blind date! I don’t know how I got talked into this. He’s coming over for dinner and I don’t know anything about him.”

As soon as the cutie realized what he’d said his light brown eyes shot up to Kurt’s face. He took a step back and reached for a basket of strawberries. “Never mind, I’ll just get these.”

Aw, the poor guy. Was he worried he was going to get thumped? Kurt really felt for him. With his build he could come across as intimidating, but he wanted to put the sweet little thing at ease. He did his best to look harmless and keep the conversation going. “Some people are allergic to strawberries.”

“Oh! Damn.” The guy forgot he was worried about Kurt’s reaction.

Kurt brought out the big guns and smiled. He’d been told his smile was one of his best features. Sweet Stuff eyes widened and he swallowed.

“If I were you I’d get the cantaloupe to play it safe.” Kurt was partial to cantaloupe.

“Safe. Right.” The cute guy was still staring. He made no move to choose a melon.  

Kurt stepped closer. He put down the beer and picked up a decent-looking melon. “This one looks good. You can tell if it’s ready when you push the end with your thumb. See how soft it is?”

They both watched as his thumb pressed into the melon. “If it wasn’t ripe it would still feel hard.” He held it out. “Why don’t you try?”

He held the cantaloupe as Sweet Stuff cautiously poked at the melon. “It doesn’t feel hard.” He was blushing furiously. 

Kurt pushed the melon into his hands. “He’ll like this one. I know it.”

“You think so?” Those sexy brown eyes met his then dropped to his mouth. His cutie chewed on his lip. “I don’t suppose…” He sighed. “Thanks. I guess I should get going.” He tucked the melon under his arm and walked off, reluctance in every step.

Kurt let him go, watching as the guy stood in the check-out line. He was almost vibrating with tension and repeatedly glancing at his watch.

Kurt kept his eyes on him as he sent a text message to his date warning him he’d be a few minutes late. The cutie pulled his phone out of his pocket and read his screen. His shoulders relaxed as he tucked the phone away. He grabbed a roll of breath mints and dropped them onto the conveyor belt, next to the melon.

Kurt grinned. There was a slim chance someone else had sent the cutie a text, but he was pretty sure he’d just confirmed Sweet Stuff was Luke, his blind date. He picked up the six-pack and headed back to the beer section. Forget beer. This was a date that called for wine and flowers. Definitely flowers.

He grinned. Maybe blind dates weren’t so bad after all.  

The end.

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