Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Silver Flash and an Announcement

It's Wednesday and that means it time for the Silver Flashers, but first I have an announcement. I have a Halloween story coming out. I'm so excited!

Right Street, Wrong House will be released October 29th. It's with Silver Publishing and once again, Reese has done a wonderful job with the cover art. I can't post it yet as it's not official, but I've seen the cover and it's creepy and sexy. :) I'll post an excerpt once the cover's finalized. Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.

This week it was my turn to give the prompt(s). I suggested three:

"I can't believe I didn't know that about you."
 "Anyone ever tell you you're a Grade A _____?"
"What the hell do you think you're doing?"

When I went to write my flash none of them worked for me. Luckily our fearless leader, Ryssa Edwards had provided an alternative prompt:

He/she was so tired he/she could have . . .                              

I went with that prompt and a summer theme. I'm even including a pretty picture for your viewing pleasure.

Sketching Dane 

Copyright © 2011

Dane shifted, trying to get more comfortable. Going to the beach had sounded like a good idea when his buddies had suggested it, but he was bored and restless and his ass was numb. He lay down on his back, but the sun shone in his eyes.

Dane sat up again and scanned the lake, looking for his friends. There they were; on the wooden raft fixed about sixty feet offshore. They were roughhousing, trying to push each other into the water. It reminded him of the sea lions at the pier in San Francisco.

It made him uneasy. As a kid he’d been short and slight and his older brothers had dunked him a few too many times in the public swimming pool. He’d grown up and at six foot five he was tall enough to easily wade out to the dock, but he wasn’t a strong swimmer. Horsing around near water still made him nervous.

Dane waded into the lake to cool off. As long as he could stand up he was okay.

He slogged back through the sand and flopped onto his towel to dry in the sun. His sketchpad and a magazine lay beside him, but Dane didn’t feel like reading or drawing.

He rolled onto his stomach and used his arms as a pillow for his head. He’d been up far too early for his liking. He was so tired he could have easily fallen asleep on the way here—if someone hadn’t poked him every time he nodded off.

Dane closed his eyes. The sun felt warm on his back, soaking into his bones. The summer sounds of kids squealing and teenagers laughing seemed to fade away.


Dane closed his mouth with a snap. He rubbed his face on his arm. The skin felt warm and slightly greasy from sunscreen, but there was no drool, thank God.

“Don’t move!”

Dane turned his head and pushed up onto his elbows. “What?”

“I’m drawing you. Don’t move.”

“Oh.” Still half asleep, Dane lay back down and rested his head on his arms again. He rolled his head to the side, watching.

A few feet away a man sat cross-legged on a towel. He was bent over a sketchpad. His dark hair was wet and long bangs fell forward, hiding part of his face. Dane squinted at him.

“Shouldn’t you ask someone’s permission before you sketch them?”

“Yeah, but you were sleeping.”

Dane’s lips twitched.

The other man raised his head and grinned. He had brown eyes and was deeply tanned. Dane thought he was a little younger than him, and a whole lot better looking.

He shifted, conscious of his tall, lanky body and the freckles across his shoulders.

The good-looking man had gone back to sketching.

“Do you always sketch strange men while they’re sleeping?”

The man raised his head, looking amused. “You’re my first.”
Dane didn’t know what to say. He stayed silent, listening to the scratching sound of the pencil as it moved on the paper.

The man spoke without looking up. “What’s your name?” 


“I’m Theo.”

Dane examined him. There were other beaches closer to town. This beach was more difficult to get to and mostly used by locals and the nearby campground.

“Are you visiting here?”

Theo looked up. “My folks own the campground. They bought it last year. I’m helping them for the summer.”

Dane watched him as Theo’s gaze shifted from his face to his back, finishing somewhere in the vicinity of his ass. He fought the urge to squirm. Theo’s gaze was a physical thing, caressing his body and setting off sparks of sensation in his belly and groin.

“Why are you drawing me?”

Theo’s eyes moved back to his face. “I get to look at you as much as I want and you won’t complain.” He looked serious. “You’re not complaining are you?”

Dane hesitated then shook his head.

Theo’s body seemed to relax. He glanced at his watch. “Damn. I need to get going.”

“Do you have to? You haven’t finished.” Dane surprised himself by asking. He wasn’t normally attracted to cocky types, but Theo was different—more direct and self-confident than cocky.

“I’ve got to get back and anyway, your friends are coming back so you won’t be alone for long.”

Dane glanced over his shoulder. Two of his friends were swimming back to the beach. The level of disappointment he felt at seeing them approach was surprising. 

Theo closed the sketchpad. He got to his feet and bent to pick up his towel. His movements showed off a two-inch strip of startlingly white skin just above the waistband of his loose-fitting swim trunks. Dane’s eyes lingered on twin dimples and the rounded mounds of a perfect ass.

Theo crouched beside Dane and placed the sketchpad and pencil on Dane’s towel. “Here.”

“I can’t take your stuff.”

“It’s not mine.”

“What?” Dane glanced to his other side. Only his magazine was there.

“Why would you do that?”

Theo bit his lip. The confident attitude was gone. “It seemed like a good idea at the time.” He reached out and touched Dane’s arm as he reached for the pad. “Don’t look until I’m gone. Please?”

Dane hesitated. Up close Theo was even more attractive with long black lashes and soft-looking lips. “Okay.”

Theo smiled. “Thanks, Dane.” He stood and slung his towel around his neck. “Bye. Maybe I’ll see you again.”

Dane watched him walk up the beach. He picked up a bike from the grass beside the road and cycled away without looking back.

“Who’s that?’ Mike rummaged around in the cooler.

“His parents bought the campground.”

Matt stood beside him dripping water. “Yeah? I heard the new owners had a son. Supposed to be in law school somewhere. Hey, pass me a beer, Mike.”

Dane didn’t get a chance to see the sketch until a few hours later when he was back home. He stared at the page, confused. There was no sketch, just a series of elaborate doodles.

He flipped the page over. Theo had left a note.

I can’t actually draw. If you’re not mad call me. If you’re mad, call me anyway?

His phone number was printed below.

Dane was still laughing as he reached for the phone.

The end.

This weeks flashers are:

Julie Hayes (m/m)
Pia Velerno (m/m)
Victoria Blisse (m/f)
West Thornhill (m/m)
Freddie MacKay (m/m)


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