Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Silver Flash

Another Wednesday, and time for another Silver Flash Fiction.

This week we had a couple of prompts to choose from. I chose the prompt that asked us to write a story including the words ‘church’ ‘phone’ and ‘star’. I’m not entirely happy with the result. Let me know what you think.

Copyright © 2011

Jesse shifted on the hard wooden bench, head bowed, cell phone held loosely in his hand.

He could have gone somewhere else, somewhere with more comfortable seats, but he’d wandered in here because the doors were unlocked, even at this time of night. The church smelled like dust and furniture polish, but it was quiet and he could think without noise and distractions.

He sat in the pew, replaying what he’d seen and his reaction over and over.

He’d been dating Adam for six months. Adam worked at a GLBT support center and Jesse had gone there after work. Adam had another half hour to go but they’d planned to go out for dinner together.

He hadn’t planned on seeing Adam in the arms of another man — a boy really. The guy was barely old enough to be considered a man. They’d been hugging and the younger man had gazed up at Adam with adoration. Jesse had heard him tell Adam how happy he was.

He’d heard Adam reply, “Me too, Mickey.”

Adam had looked up and seen Jesse staring at them. He was sure the hurt and confusion showed in his face.

Jesse had stumbled out of the center before he could hear anymore, even as Adam had called out after him. He’d heard every known excuse from his last boyfriend.

He’d driven around with no destination in mind, putting some distance between himself and Adam, when he’d seen the church. Jesse had been sitting here for a couple of hours now. He’d had time to calm down and think.

He’d overreacted and taken off like an idiot.

He glanced down at his phone. Seven text messages and phone calls and every one of them from Adam. He wasn’t going to respond. Not until he figured out how to fix this.

Adam was a good man. He’d never made false declarations of love just to get into Jesse’s pants or stepped out on him with another guy — both of them laughing at him behind his back.

Adam met plenty of attractive gay men through work. He could have chosen any of them, but he’d told Jesse he had a policy not to date anyone from the center — and how glad he was that they’d met at the local coffee shop.

Jesse sighed. He knew Adam well enough to realize he'd misread the situation and now he wasn’t sure how to face him. He hadn’t trusted him and Adam was all about honesty and trust. That was one of the reasons Jesse had fallen for Adam. Had he screwed up the best thing that had ever happened to him?
He draped one arm along the back of the pew in front and rested his forehead on his arm. He didn’t know what to do next.

The outer door of the church opened and a cold draft swirled around Jesse. He heard the footsteps of someone approaching the front of the church, but he ignored them.

The familiar scent of Adam’s cologne tickled his nose and he was aware of Adam’s solid presence in his peripheral vision.

“Hey. Can I join you?” Adam’s voice was soft but he didn’t sound angry or upset. Jesse wondered if this was his counselor’s voice.

Jesse slid over a few inches. He left his head on his arm. He wasn’t sure what expression he’d see on Adam’s face. Resignation? Disappointment? 

Adam slipped into the pew and sat next to him, close but not touching.

“I’ve been calling you.” Adam’s tone was neutral. He didn’t sound as if he was complaining or scolding.

Jesse slipped his phone into his jacket pocket as if by hiding his phone he could convince both of them that he hadn’t been deliberately ignoring Adam’s messages and calls.

“I looked for you all over town. I only found you by accident when I saw your car in the church parking lot.” 

Jesse thought he heard mild reproach and maybe a little bit of hurt in Adam’s voice. He rolled his head to look at Adam from the corner of his eye.

“I was worried about you.” Adam moved closer. “I know what you think you saw, and given your past experiences I understand why, but Jesse...” His voice cracked and Jesse sat up and looked at him, shocked.

“There’s no one but you, Jesse.” Adam looked back at him; sincerity shining from his eyes and Jesse knew he was telling the truth. 

“I’ve been counseling Mickey for a few months. He came out to his family today.” Adam paused as if expecting Jesse to say something and when the silence stretched out, he continued. “It went well. Not as good as we’d hoped, but not as bad as he’d feared.”

Jesse didn’t know what to say. He’d come into the church feeling used and hurt and now he felt like a self-centered, distrustful asshole.

He stared at his feet. “You must think I’m a real star.”

Adam smiled. “I do. Yeah.” He nudged Jesse with his shoulder. “I’m not the kind of man to be seeing someone behind my boyfriend’s back. I’d never do anything to hurt you.” 

Jesse straightened his shoulders. “I know that. I do. I just…reacted badly.”

Adam reached out and brushed his hair out of his eyes. “You hungry?”

Jesse stared. He was forgiven, just like that? “You still want to go for dinner?”

“I haven’t eaten. I’ve been looking for you.”

“I didn’t think…” he broke off, unable to tell Adam exactly what he’d thought.

Adam slipped his arm around his shoulders and slid closer till their hips were touching. “You think I’d break up with you over something like this?”

Relief flooded through him. “You aren’t?”

Adam shook his head. “A relationship can have misunderstandings, miscommunications, and arguments. That doesn’t mean it's over.”

“I’m sorry I didn’t trust you.”

Adam gazed at him. “I was waiting for the perfect time to say this, but I think you need to hear it now. I love you, Jesse.”

“You do?” Jesse blurted.

“Yes, I do. Now can we please go eat?” Adam was blushing.

Jesse stroked Adam’s face, feeling the heat in his cheek. “I love you too.”

Adam smiled. “I always imagined this would be a little more…romantic and spontaneous. Like maybe in the aftermath of hot, passionate sex, you know?” 

Jesse grinned. “Sounds like a plan to me. Let’s grab some fast food and then we can tell each other again. Just the way you imagined.”

The End
We’ve got a pretty full house for this week’s Silver Flasher, including two brand new flashers! Please give them lots of love and encouragement. 

West Thornhill (m/m)  <<<virgin!>>>

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Julie Hayes (m/m)

Victoria Blisse (m/f)

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Lily Sawyer (m/m)

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Ryssa Edwards (m/m)


  1. WOw this was wonderful, Pender. There have been times I've gone into a church (and I'm Jewish btw, but it was right across the street from where I worked and whenever I needed a quiet place to go to think it was there)

    I wish I had an Adam in my life to be there for me. maybe one day


  2. That was great. I think Adam and Jesse are wonderful and the setting for their conversation was perfect.