Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Silver Flash

I've been busy reading all the great stories written for the Hot Summer Days anthology over at Goodreads. Mine is called Dog Days of Summer. It was tough, but I did manage to stop reading long enough to write a flash fiction for this week's prompt.
The prompt choices were:
"It's always the quiet ones, you know?" or "I'd walk across ________ for you."

I went with the second one, though I probably didn't use it quite the way Ryssa expected.  

Cookies for Matt
© 2011
Tait frowned at the recipe. How the hell did you cream butter and sugar? He thought about it. It probably meant beat the bejesus out of them.

He grinned as he grabbed the eggs. This baking thing wasn’t so hard. When he’d phoned his mom and asked for his favorite cookie recipe he could almost hear her surprise, but she’d emailed it as promised.

Shit! The recipe said three eggs and he only had two. Could he do it with two eggs? No. The cookies were the bait to lure Matt, his sexy new neighbor. They had to be perfect.

He’d seen the tall, dark, hottie move in directly across the building’s courtyard at the beginning of the month. Tait had introduced himself. Since then they’d smiled as they ran into each other on their way in and out, but that was it.

Tait had been staking out the laundry room, planning to do his laundry when Matt did, but so far he hadn’t seen Matt do any laundry. Maybe he did it while Tait was at work.

No matter. Tait had a plan.             

He’d make his mom’s kick-ass cookies and wander over with a welcome gift. Matt would ask him to stay and help him eat them and things would progress nicely from there.

First though, he’d have to go and buy eggs.

Tait grabbed his wallet and headed out.

Matt was coming back from somewhere. As usual he looked impossibly hot and sexy.

Tait looked up into Matt’s dark eyes. “Hi, Matt.” 

Matt’s white teeth gleamed as he smiled. “Hi. It’s Tait, right?”

“That’s right.” He gave his best smile and wracked his brains for something smart to say.

Matt smiled down at him. “You looked like you were in a hurry.”

“I’m making cookies and I need eggs.” Tait winced internally. He sounded like Little Suzy Homemaker.

Matt looked interested. “You cook?”

Tait shrugged. “Not really but I have my mom’s recipe and I’ve seen her make them so it should be no problem.”

“Well. I’d better let you go then.”

Tait gazed up at him. “I’ll give you some. Cookies, I mean.” 

Matt laughed. “I never turn down homemade cookies.”

“Okay. I’ll see you later.” Tait left before he could embarrass himself further.

He bought the eggs and went back to his apartment. He followed the instructions exactly. The first batch smelled great but he’d forgotten to set the timer and the bottoms were burned. The second and third batches were perfect. Tait was thrilled. He’d had a couple of tense minutes but he’d been sure he could do it and he had!

Someone knocked on his door. He opened it to find Matt standing on the other side.

“Matt!” Tait glanced down. He had cookie dough smeared on his t-shirt and jeans. He’d been planning on showering and changing before he saw Matt.

Matt sniffed deeply. “Mmm. I could smell them at my place.”

“I was going to bring some over.”

“I thought I’d walk across the courtyard for you and save you the trouble.”

“Oh. That was…nice of you.”

Mat leaned against the counter, looking patient.

Tait realized Matt was waiting for a cookie. “Do you want tea or coffee or milk to go with the cookies?”

“Tea please.”

Tait made the tea.

“They smell great. What kind are they?”

“White chocolate and macadamia nut. They’ll knock your socks off.”

Matt looked mildly alarmed.

Tait smiled. “Not literally.”

“Can I help?”

“You could put some cookies on a plate.”

He passed a plate to Matt who reached for a cookie.

“Not those!”

Matt pulled his hand back.

“Sorry. Those ones are a kind of burnt. Take them from the other pile.”

Matt ducked his head but Tait still saw his grin.

He deposited the mugs on the kitchen table with more force than necessary. “You want milk and sugar?”

“Yes please.”

They sat.

“Go ahead.” Tait gestured to the cookies. “Take one.”

Matt hesitated then picked up a cookie. Tait watched him until he took a small bite.

He munched his own. “They’re great aren’t they? I wasn’t a hundred percent sure they’d turn out but they taste pretty good.”

“Yeah.” Matt took another small bite.

Tait ate cookies and drank his tea as they talked. Matt was friendly and outgoing but Tait noticed he hadn’t finished his first cookie. He watched but Matt didn’t make any attempt to eat it.

“You haven’t finished your cookie.”

Matt ate the rest of it, washing it down with the tea. 

“Have another.”


Tait didn’t miss Matt’s wince as he picked up another cookie and ate it dutifully.

It was starting to piss him off. He’d put a lot of effort into making these for Matt and they tasted fine. Great even.

Matt finished his tea. “So, Tait. I have to get going but I was wondering if you’d like to have dinner with me sometime.”

Tait forgot his annoyance. “Yeah, that’d be great! When?”

 Matt stood, looking uncomfortable. “I was thinking tonight, but we’ll have to wait.”

“Oh.” Tait tried not to show his disappointment. “Let me get you some cookies to go.”

“That’s okay.”

Tait scowled. “What’s wrong with the damn cookies?”

Matt looked awkward. “They’re great, but….I’m allergic to nuts.”

“Oh my God! Why didn’t you say something? Do you have to go to the hospital?”
“Calm down. It’s a mild allergy. I’ll just feel lousy for a while.”

“How long?”

“Probably ‘til tomorrow.”

Tait moaned. “Oh, God. I made you eat them. Why’d you eat them?”

“I didn’t know they’d have nuts in them ‘til I got here. I thought if I didn’t eat them you’d be too mad to agree to go out with me.”

Tait blinked. “Oh.”

“So will you have dinner with me tomorrow?”

“I…” Tait frowned. Was Matt starting to look a little blotchy?

“I’ll be better by tomorrow.”


“Great.” Matt kissed his cheek. “Gotta go. Bye.”

Matt was out the door before he could respond.

Tait bit his lip. He felt really bad. Tomorrow he’d get Matt some flowers to make up for poisoning him. But first he’d find out if Matt was allergic to pollen! 


This weeks flashers are:

Victoria Blisse (m/f)

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  1. Pender, that was totally sweet and cute and adorable! I can't wait to see more of these two! Tait should offer to nurse Matt while he's indisposed!

  2. oh this was wonderful, But he definitely should have checked to make sure Matt had any food allergies.

    I don't care for nuts (I'm not allergic to them they just are not my fave)

    my personal fave is choc chip cookies (no nuts)

    will there be more, Pender?