Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Silver Flash

Here's another installment of I'd Do It for You.  When we left off Nikolai had just taken Eric to lunch and asked him over for dinner.

This week's prompt was either, "Rise and shine sleepyhead." or "Do me a favor would you? Dumb it down." I chose the first prompt as it worked better for this week's chapter.  Enjoy. :)

I'd Do It For You
Part IV
Copyright © 2011

After lunch Eric sat in his cubicle in a daze. They’d agreed he would go over to Nikolai’s house late Saturday afternoon. Since it was Tuesday, that left several days for Eric to daydream and worry.

Eric didn’t really know Nikolai; not yet. Dinner might go very well, or it might not.

Most of Eric’s reservations were eased over the next couple of days.

Nikolai sent him emails. At first they were stiff and polite, thanking Eric for joining him for lunch and enquiring if he had any food allergies or preferences. Eric replied equally politely but as the emails went back and forth they lightened in tone.

By the end of the week Nikolai was sending him emails to ask how his day was going.

Friday morning Nikolai showed up at Eric’s desk and invited him for coffee. Eric agreed, his heart thumping away in his chest and his palms sweaty. Nikolai looked cool and composed as usual.

“I am very much looking forward to spending time with you tomorrow,” Nikolai told him.

“Me too.” He flushed at Nikolai’s obvious sincerity.


Saturday morning passed slowly. Eric ate breakfast but he couldn’t manage lunch. Then time seemed to speed up. The afternoon rushed by and he had to scramble to get ready.

As he drove to Nikolai’s house he wondered what they’d have for dinner. What if he was too nervous to eat, would Nikolai be offended?

He found the address easily but finding parking was more difficult. Eric circled a few times before he found a parking spot a few blocks down. He stood on the sidewalk and double-checked the address.

The house was small but perfectly maintained. There were even pots of flowers growing beside the front door.

Eric rang the bell and the door was opened immediately.

“Please come in, Eric.”  

Nikolai stood there smiling and Eric’s breath caught in his throat. The big blond was wearing a short-sleeved unbuttoned shirt over a t-shirt and jeans. Eric had never seen him look so casual or so sexy. The form-fitting jeans emphasized his strong thighs and as Eric followed Nikolai down the hall, he admired that muscular ass too.

Nikolai offered him a tour. He pointed out the living room, dinning room, bathroom and his bedroom before he took Eric to the kitchen and offered him a drink. Eric accepted gratefully, the cool white wine slipping down his parched throat.

He was still thinking of Nikolai’s bedroom. It was tidy with a dresser, a night table and a massive four-poster bed. The bed’s cover was dark blue as were the sheets.

Eric could easily imagine Nikolai naked in bed, like a present that had been unwrapped: His pale blond hair looking even paler against the dark sheets.

He could see himself in that bed just as easily. He shifted on his seat and took a sip of his wine as Nikolai expertly diced cucumbers and chopped tomatoes to add to a salad. “We will have barbequed chicken.”

“You’re not making something Russian?”

Nikolai raised an eyebrow. “I did not realize you wished to sample Russian food. Much of the food is heavy, meant for cold days and long nights.”

He added more wine to Eric’s glass. “Since you do not have a large appetite I have chosen a light meal. We must make sure we are not so lethargic from eating that we do not have the energy to enjoy each other’s company. Yes?”

Was he talking about sex? Eric’s stomach knotted up. He wanted to sleep with Nikolai but he hated first time sex. He was usually either sober and incredibly awkward, or drunk and incredibly slutty.

He wanted to keep seeing Nikolai so he’d behave — which meant he was going to be nervous and awkward all evening.

They moved to the porch overlooking the tidy backyard as Nikolai grilled the chicken. Eric tried to make sure he had no more than a couple of glasses of wine but Nikolai was a good host, topping up his glass before it was empty.

He gazed at Nikolai from under his lashes, watching him as he turned the chicken with practiced ease. Nikolai caught him looking and gave him that special smile. The one that made Eric’s dick sit up and his stomach flip.

Dinner was good and Eric ate more than he’d expected. Nikolai talked to him all through the meal as Eric gazed at him with what he knew was a dopey smile on his face.

Afterward Nikolai put on a movie and they sat on the sofa. A few minutes into the movie he moved closer and slipped an arm around Eric’s shoulders.

Eric sat stiffly, equal parts anticipation and anxiety.

Nikolai’s big hand moved to the back of his head, fingers carding through his hair, massaging his scalp.

It was warm in the room and he was full, with who-knew-how-many glasses of wine in his belly.

Eric let himself lean into Nikolai until he was resting against the big man’s side. He closed his eyes. It felt good to be held and petted.

“That’s it, Eryu.


Nikolai murmured something in Russian.

“What’s that mean?”

“It means come, sit close to me.”

“S’nice.” Eric snuggled closer.

“Yes, very nice.” Nikolai’s hand moved through his hair. It felt so relaxing.


“Rise and shine sleepyhead.”


“That is what you say to wake someone up is it not?”

He’d fallen asleep on his date: Literally on his date, his face pressed against Nikolai’s chest. He could feel the man’s heart beating right under his ear.

Eric was mortified. He sat up so fast he saw spots. “God, I’m so sorry.”

“There is nothing to be sorry for. I was happy to be holding you.”

“But I should be awake. We should be kissing while you’re holding me.”

Nikolai smiled and tilted Eric’s chin. “If that is what you wish.”

To be continued

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