Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Silver Flash

I'm back with Part III of I'd Do It For You.
This week we had a couple of choices for the prompt. I chose, "He had a mind like a steel trap."

I'd Do It For You
Part III 
Copyright © 2011

Eric wasn’t sure what Nikolai was so pleased about. Why was it a good thing that he didn’t have a boyfriend: because he was gay and single, or because Nikolai didn’t like gays?

That couldn’t be it. If Nikolai didn’t like gays he wouldn’t have asked him to lunch. Maybe Nikolai was going to ask him out. Maybe he already had! Damn, maybe this was a date only he hadn’t realized it.

Eric’s lunch sat in his stomach, heavy as a bowling ball, and about as easy to digest.

He put down the half-eaten burger and pushed his plate away.

Nikolai stopped eating. “Is something wrong with your food?”

“No. It’s good. It’s really good, I just…” Eric rubbed at his neck.

Nikolai cursed softly in Russian, at least Eric thought he was cursing.

“Eric. If I have upset you please accept my apologies. I am not good with making small talk.”

“You didn’t upset me. I’m just tired today.”

Nikolai raised a pale blond eyebrow, but didn’t call him on it.

Eric managed a smile. “There was a good movie on TV, I stayed up way too late.”

“Then you should eat.” Nikolai leaned across the table. “You need energy.”

Eric picked up his burger and Nikolai smiled. Eric wondered what Nikolai thought he needed energy for. That smile was almost a smirk.

He pictured the big Russian having sex with him. He’d need energy for that. 

It was way too easy to imagine Nikolai kissing and licking him, touching him until his need was so great he was almost screaming. 

He tugged at the collar of his shirt and looked up to see Nikolai watching him. “What? I’ve got food on my face?” He took a sip of his drink, suddenly self-conscious.

Nikolai examined him, his eyes traveling over Eric’s face and upper body. “No. It is good to see you eating. You are very slender.”

Eric scowled. He’d always had trouble keeping weight on. When he was sick or nervous his appetite was non-existent. His last boyfriend had enjoyed making little digs about his metabolism. It was one of the reasons they weren’t together anymore.

Eric spoke through clenched teeth, “I know. I’ve heard it before; I’m way too skinny.” He jammed a couple of fries in his mouth and chewed.

Nikolai looked thoughtful. “No…you are slender but you have muscle and you are not unhealthy. I think you are extremely attractive.”

Eric almost choked on his fries. He coughed and spluttered, trying to clear his airway.

Nikolai started to get up but Eric waved him off.

When his coughing fit was over he steered the conversation to safer ground. “So how long have you been in the U.S?”

“Seven years.” Nikolai explained he’d moved the US with his parents not long after he had finished high school. His father was a scientist and a bit of an adventurer. He’d always dreamed of living in the U.S. and with the fall of communism, it was possible.

Nikolai had decided to come with his parents. Since he wasn’t confident of his English abilities he’d become a computer technician. “My English is not perfect. I know that I sound stiff and formal, but I still think in Russian. I am not yet fully bilingual.”

They had finished lunch and were walking back to work. Eric smiled. “I think your English is better than my Russian.”

“You speak Russian?” Nikolai sounded surprised.

“No, it was a joke.”

“Ah. I see.”

Eric wasn’t sure that Nikolai did. “Will you say something in Russian?”

Nikolai stopped and turned to face him. He spoke fluidly, the foreign words full of emotion. The exotic sound of the language and the way Nikolai was looking at him affected Eric physically. He heard his name; God, that was so sexy. He was totally turned-on. Did Nikolai speak Russian when he was having sex? Eric hoped so. 

When Nikolai finished speaking Eric was almost panting. “What did you say?”

“I told you that you have beautiful eyes and hair that was made for stroking.” Nikolai’s voice was husky and his accent was stronger.

Eric’s face was flushed. He took a step closer. “Is that everything you said? It took a lot of Russian to say that.”

“No.” Nikolai’s gaze dropped to Eric’s mouth and he moistened his own lips. 

Eric stared, fascinated as Nikolai’s tongue darted out.

“I will tell you when we are knowing each other better,” Nikolai said.


“If you will let me, I will cook for you.”

That definitely sounded like a date. If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck…

“Are you asking me out?”

“Yes.” Nikolai stuffed his hands in his pockets and hunched his shoulders. “I will warn you now that I enjoy simple pleasures. I cook, I read, I wish to spend time with my lover. This is not enough excitement for some.” He shrugged. “What of you, Eric? What do you desire in a relationship?”

The words, pleasure, lover and desire were still ringing in Eric's ears. It was short-circuiting his brain. It took him a moment to focus.

“My ex boyfriend…he liked to socialize. He was always dragging me to new gallery openings, and weird plays. He liked to hang out in artsy-fartsy restaurants with his pretentious friends. He never wanted to spend a night at home, cuddling on the couch in front of the TV.”

Eric looked up to gauge Nikolai’s reaction. “He had a mind like a steel trap. He remembered every imagined slight and he never forgot if I said something stupid or made a mistake at one of those things. He liked to remind me when we argued and we argued a lot.”

Eric smiled and met Nikolai’s eyes. “After a relationship like that, I think I would enjoy simple pleasures.”

Nikolai smiled, and his shoulders relaxed. “Then it is better you are no longer together, yes?

Eric gazed at Nikolai’s bright blue eyes, his very sexy mouth and strong jaw. “Yes. It is.”

to be continued...
This week's flashers are:

Victoria Blisse (m/f)

Ryssa Edwards


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  2. Don't we all love those simple pleasures... I want some of my own. Yep, I'm looking for more :)

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  4. oooo this is the start of a beautiful friendship/ plus more

    this is so HOT a man who COOKS? (if Eric doesn't take him I will!)

    I like cuddling.