Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Silver Flash Fiction

I'm back with another installment of my flash fiction, I'd Do It For You. This week's prompt was "Just pretend I'm not here."

I'd Do It For You
Part II                                                                                                    Copyright © 2011

Eric dried his hands and scowled at his reflection in the mirror on the wall behind the row of sinks. He straightened his tie and ran his fingers through his thick, dark hair.

He was wearing his favorite shirt; the one Lena said made his eyes stand out, and he was annoyed with himself. It was stupid to have made an extra effort on his appearance. The I.T. guy might not even come back and even if he did, likely nothing would happen.

Yesterday Nikolai seemed interested, but Eric knew there was plenty of room for misunderstanding. It was almost lunchtime and he hadn’t shown. Maybe that was indicative of Nikolai’s level of interest.

Eric didn’t even know for sure that the computer tech was gay. Sure he’d been right up in Eric’s grill, but that didn’t mean he was interested. Maybe he just didn’t get the whole personal space thing.

Eric went back to his desk and tried to work. He wished Lena would stop looking at the clock and then over at Eric. He was starting to feel the same way he’d felt in gym class when they were picking teams. He’d always been one of the last to get picked. He was still a bit uncoordinated, but thank God he’d filled out since then.

The phone rang and Eric answered, glad for the distraction. The call was from a client: A very confused and verbose client. 

Eric pulled up the client's file and painstakingly answered every question. Towards the end of the conversation, Nikolai arrived. Eric flashed a quick smile at him.

Nikolai waited, watching Eric as he held the phone to his ear and listened. 

After a minute Nikolai looked at his watch. “I will come back later,” he mouthed. 

Eric made a ‘wait’ gesture and covered the phone's handset. “I’ll just be a couple of minutes." He closed his program and got out of the chair, gesturing for Nikolai to sit down.

Nikolai sat and tapped the keyboard, the screen filling with lines of type. 

Eric moved to the other end of his desk and leaned against his cabinet. He watched Nikolai work as he went through his explanation for the second time. Nikolai efficiently typed in commands, his strong-looking hands flying across the keyboard. As he leaned forward to scrutinize the computer screen, his dress shirt tightened across his broad shoulders. 

Eric wondered what he looked like without the shirt. Nikolai kept his hair cut short and he was clean-shaven. Would he have chest hair? Would he shave that too? He shook himself mentally and focused his attention on the phone call. 

Finally the client was willing to hang up.

“Sorry about that,” Eric said.

Nikolai shrugged. “You are doing your job and I am doing mine.” He made a few more keystrokes.

Eric was disappointed that Nikolai wasn’t interested. He really was just here to fix Eric’s memory leakage, whatever the hell that was.

“Well. I’ll let you get to it then. Just pretend I'm not here."

Nikolai turned and looked directly at Eric. “That would be difficult.”

“Oh.” Eric’s face was hot. He glanced over the cubicle wall at Lena. She grinned at him and pursed her lips, making exaggerated kissing motions.

He turned away. “So, um, what exactly is memory leakage anyway? Is it serious?”

Nikolai swiveled to face him. “Your operating system is not releasing the memory it does not need. This slows the computer down. Did you not notice a decrease in performance?”

Eric rubbed the back of his neck. “Well, yeah, now that you mention it. It’s been kind of annoying since the last system update.”

“Annoying yes, but simple for me to fix.” Nikolai glanced at the screen. “I am loading a corrective patch. It will be installed shortly. Then I will go for lunch.” He watched Eric, impassively.


Eric sighed mentally. Thanks to his talkative client and his own lack of ability to smooth-talk, his opportunity to make any kind of connection with Nikolai was lost.

“Perhaps, if you do not have plans, you would join me?” Nikolai looked at him calmly as if he was indifferent to Eric’s answer, one hand resting casually on his knee.

Eric blinked and opened his mouth to answer. Nikolai leaned forward.

“Yeah. I’d like to.”

Nikolai relaxed and leaned back, rubbing his palm on his thigh as if his hand was sweaty. He grinned and Eric felt his pulse stutter. There was that megawatt smile again. Eric had a feeling he was one of a select few that got to see it.


Eric looked around. “Do you come here a lot?” They were sitting in a tiny dinner just a few blocks from work. Eric had passed it before but he’d never been inside.

Nikolai shrugged. “Once or twice a week. I become tired of my own cooking.”

Eric thought of his peanut butter sandwich, still sitting in the fridge at work.

“I know what you mean.” He bit into his cheeseburger, licking sauce from the corner of his mouth. “This is really good.” 

Nikolai watched him. “Good. Yes.” He held out a paper napkin.

Eric accepted it. Nikolai’s fingers brushed against his hand. Eric didn’t immediately pull away and Nikolai maintained contact just a little longer than necessary. Eric felt that tingle in his belly again. That contact had been deliberate. He was sure of it. 

Nikolai glanced around. He leaned towards Eric. “You have a girlfriend, Eric?”

Eric quickly swallowed his half-chewed mouthful of burger. He blushed. “No.”

“Perhaps a,” Nikolai paused, watching him intently, “boyfriend?”

“No.” Eric took a sip of his soda. His mouth was suddenly dry.

Nikolai sat back and picked up his own burger. He took an enormous bite, chewing with obvious enjoyment. “Good.”

to be continued

This week's Silver Flashers are . . .

RJ Scott (m/m)

Victoria Blisse (m/f)


  1. I am so loving this, can't wait to see more of these two! They're totally hot!

  2. Ahh!! Love this. You really get me rooting for the characters. :)

  3. Really great! I can't wait for more!

  4. “Perhaps a,” Nikolai paused, watching him intently, “boyfriend?”

    “No.” Eric took a sip of his soda. His mouth was suddenly dry.

    Nikolai sat back and picked up his own burger. He took an enormous bite, chewing with obvious enjoyment. “Good.”

    not good, Nikolai....GREAT! now make your move!

    more Pender! like now!

    this is wonderful!

  5. I love the last line, "good". Just makes me wonder. . .what's Nikolai thinking? Hmmmmm??