Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Silver Flash Fiction

Hi everyone. This is a two-in-one post.

I'm on Silver Publishing's website later today and posting a new chapter of Silver's on-going blog story "Out of the Dark".  Normally I write contemporary romance but I had a lot of fun writing about vampires and dungeons. Maybe a little too much fun. I might have got a bit carried away.  If you want to know what happens to Ethan, Angelo and Alexei head over to Silver's Blog and click on "blog story" in the sidebar.
Hope to see you there.

And now the final installment of Every Man's Fantasy. Last week we left off with Rob and Sam in the kitchen. Rob had just said, “Oh, Sammy, ... That will come back to haunt you.” 

This week's prompt was a choice of  "What's that noise?" or 
"Um . . .  why don't you try taking the wrapper off first?" Read on to find out which one I used. 

Every Man's Fantasy 
Part Four
Copyright © 2011
“Really?” I’m trying to sound sexy but I just sound hopeful.

The hand under my t-shirt strokes up over my ribs: Rob's thumb is circling my nipple; light touches that make my skin tingle and the nub harden. He’s staring into my eyes as if he’s checking for something. I stare back. Whatever he finds there satisfies him because he tugs, bringing me in for another kiss. I’m moan into his mouth and press so hard against him that he steps back for balance before thrusting back. Eventually we come up for air. His lips are red and swollen-looking. I’m sure mine are too. My legs feel weird so lean against the counter.

“Maybe the kitchen isn’t the best place to make out,” I say.

“I don’t want to make out.”

“You don’t?” I sound confused but not nearly as disappointed as I feel. 

Rob slips his fingers through a belt loop on each side of my jeans. He pulls me closer and I go willingly. “Are you sure about your rule?”

“Rule?” I’m so hard I can barely think. I’m trying to figure out what he means so we can stop talking and get back to kissing. He’s hard too so I’m pretty sure he still wants to kiss even if he doesn’t want to do more. “Did you park in the fire lane? You’ll have to move your car.”

He laughs. “Very funny, Sam.” He rubs his erection against mine and I groan. “You said you don’t fuck on the first date. Of course, you could count the coffee shop as our first date. I hung out with you almost all the time I was there.”

“It's not written in stone,” I say. I’m glad he thinks I was trying to be funny. He’s still undulating against me. I’m panting and gripping his forearms, probably hard enough to hurt. I try to relax my hold.

“You want to show me your bedroom?”

I can barely answer. I’m not even sure how we get there but he pushes me onto the bed and climbs on after me. Then he’s kissing me again, pausing only long enough to pull off my t-shirt and yank off his own. I’m kissing back, trying to worm my way out of my jeans and get him out of his at the same time. There’s some frantic contortions then we’re both naked and he’s touching me. I arch up into his fist. It feels fantastic but I’m too close.

“Rob, wait. Wait.”

He backs off and sits on his heels, checking me out. “Shit. You’re even hotter than I thought you’d be. Do you top?”

“You don’t want me to bottom?” I can’t believe he’s asking. In his movies he was very assertive in bed, even as a bottom. I didn’t think he’d bottom for someone less dominant. Right now I’m not dominant or even assertive. I'm just ... desperate.

“Yeah. I do, but later, okay? You’ve got supplies?”

Later? Oh my God, I can’t believe this. I’ve never been with someone so sure of himself; so sure of what he wants.

I nod and get off the bed. I don’t have a nightstand so I keep my stuff in my dresser. When I turn around he’s on his back, legs splayed, one knee bent, foot flat on the bed. I almost drop the stuff. 

He looked amazing in the video but he’s so much better in real life. Thank God I bought some new lube. I’d die of embarrassment if I had to pull out my mangled tube of no-name lube. My performance anxiety is back. He must be able to tell because his expression softens.

“Come here, Sam.”

I get back onto the bed, still clutching the supplies.

“It’s not a movie. It’s just you and me, okay?”

I nod again. He pulls me down beside him.

“It’s hard work fucking in front of other people, making sure you don’t block the camera; switching positions every couple of minutes and remembering to pull out for the money shot.”

I hadn’t thought of it like that. His hands are moving over me, he’s kissing my skin in between words and I’m getting into it again.

“I like you, Sam. You’re hot and sweet and I want you to fuck me. This isn’t for anyone else’s pleasure. It’s for yours and mine; because we want each other.”

“Yeah. Okay.” I’m a lot calmer now, and very excited. I fumble with my fancy new lube. It’s in some kind of canister and I can’t get any out.

"Um . . . why don't you try taking the wrapper off first? It’s got a safety seal." 

“Huh?” I squint at the flip top. Damn.

Rob’s biting his lip.

“I know. You’re not laughing at me, you’re laughing with me,” I grumble.

“That’s right I—“

I put the lube to good use and he shuts up. After that everything goes amazingly well. Rob’s not greedy. He gives as much pleasure as he receives, maybe more. 

It’s better than the videos because he’s moaning my name; telling me how good I make him feel. He makes me feel good too, more than once and in a couple of positions I’ve never tried before.

I’m still replaying some of the things we did long after he’s fallen asleep with his face mashed against my back. I shift around, trying to get comfortable without waking him.

“Stop wiggling, Sam.”


“It’s fine.” He slides a leg between mine. “Unless you want to grab another condom.”

“Um …”

“It’s okay. I’m worn out too. Tomorrow I’ll take you for dinner first, okay? Steak; for energy.”

He’s asleep again before I can answer. I lay awake for a bit longer. I may not be dating a porn star, but he’s got the stamina of one.

He’s different than I imagined: Maybe he’s not every man’s fantasy, but he sure as hell is mine and I think, maybe, I’m might be his too.     


Check out the other Silver Authors flashing this week. Hope to see you over on Silver's Blog later today.


  1. Very nice, hot and sweet! Think they can come back for an encore, and show us a little more of those sexy intimacies? :)

  2. Love it, it's got just the right amount of hotness. are you sure this is the end for Sam and Rob. I kind of want to see more :D

  3. There could be more, right? Just sayin'

  4. Aw, I love these two! So sad their story's over. :(

  5. Aww, this was a lovely ending for the story. Though I kind of hope we haven't seen the last of them.

  6. Thanks guys. I'm kind of attached to these two. Maybe they'll come back for a visit in a holiday themed piece. I could see what they get up to at Halloween or Thanksgiving or even Christmas. LOL