Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Silver Flash Fiction and Amazing Scavenger Hunt

It's Wednesday again. That means it's time for another flash fiction, but this week we flashers are doing something a little different.

This week we're hosting a scavenger hunt and we're hoping you'll join us. Visit each of the blogs listed below between Wednesday, April 20th and the end of the hunt on Tuesday, April 26th, send a list of the blog authors with at least one of their main characters names to, and you'll be entered to win this awesome prize package:

One travel bottle of Bath & Bodyworks Sensual Amber body wash and Sensual Amber lotion from Heather Lin
Several handmade bath bombs from Victoria Blisse
One book thong from Lindsay Klug
One ebook from RJ Scott
One ebook from Lily Sawyer
One ebook from Pender Mackie
One ebook from Julie Hayes
One ebook from Ryssa Edwards
One ebook from LM Brown
One ebook from Xavier Axelson

That's right. One lucky hunter will win ALL of these items, generously donated by the Silver Flashers. The drawing will take place on Thursday, April 28th and will be posted by midnight on Friday, April 29th.

And now this week's flash fiction. The prompt was "Wouldn't that be romantic?"

I'd Do It For You
Copyright © 2011

“God damn it!” Eric glared at his computer.

“What’s up?” Lena leaned over their shared cubicle wall and rested her arms on the top, waiting expectantly.

“I can’t send this email. I keep getting stupid error messages.”

“Do you have the right address?”

“Of course I do. Shit! I don’t have time for this.” He drew in a couple of calming breaths. “Sorry. Yeah. It must be Outlook.”  

Lena grinned. “Awesome! Call I.T. Maybe they’ll send that new guy. He’s Russian and apparently uber sexy.”

Eric squinted up at her. “New guy?”

“Nikolai something. I haven’t seen him but Emily in H.R. said he’s so hot he shimmers.”

“You want me to call I.T. so you can check out the hot Russian,” Eric said slowly.

“You bet!” Lena’s curly hair bounced with her enthusiasm. “Come on, Eric, we can both check him out. I bet he’d fuel your fantasies.”

"Not so loud," Eric scolded.

Lena batted her eyelashes. “Come on, Eric. I’d do it for you.”

Eric grumbled but made the call, wincing as he sat through an instrumental version of Taking Care of Business. He dutifully wrote down his I.T. ticket number. “It’s in the system. We’ll probably see I.T. sometime next week and it’ll be the geeky guy.”

Lena made a face “Ugh. His teeth always look like he’s just finished eating an egg-salad sandwich.”

Eric smiled and opened an Excel spreadsheet. It would serve Lena right if egg-salad guy asked her out.


“You are Eric Kendrall?”

Damn it. He’d been building this macro for an hour. Trust I.T. to show up at the worst time.

Eric looked up, and up. It wasn’t the geeky guy. The man standing in his cubicle looked like something out of a book on mythology. He was tall, muscular and his short hair was very blond.

Blue eyes stared straight at him. “I understand your Outlook is faulty.”

Eric bristled. “My outlook's fine.”

“Yet you are unable to send emails.”

“Oh. Yeah.” Eric flushed.

“May I see?”

“Sure.” Eric saved his work and scooted out of the way. “Here, use my chair.”

He stood, watching as the big blond sat and began tapping at his keyboard. On the other side of the cubicle wall Lena caught his eye and fanned herself. Eric rolled his eyes and turned away.

He felt bad they’d started off on the wrong foot and it was awkward just standing around. “I haven’t seen you before. You’re new?” 

Hot I.T. guy stopped typing. He turned in the chair and scrutinized Eric. Finally, when Eric thought he wasn’t going to say anything, the guy held out his hand. “Nikolai Asimov.”

His accent made his name sound even more exotic. Eric thought he heard Lena sigh.

“Eric Kendrall.” He watched as his hand was swallowed in the other’s, wincing as he anticipated his bones being crushed. The other man’s grip was firm, but not painful.

“I already know your name.”

Eric blinked.

“It was on your request for service.”

“Oh. Right.” Why was that disappointing? Eric leaned against his filing cabinet. He wasn’t interested in Mr. KGB. Was he?

He watched as Nikolai turned back to the computer. The guy was pretty hot. With that short, almost military haircut and those muscular shoulders he’d look great in uniform though Eric wasn’t sure if the KGB had worn uniforms: Probably not.

And he had the most intense gaze. Eric bet he’d be right at home shining a bright light in someone’s face, interrogating him or her.

The words from an old BB Gabor song popped into his brain, Nyet, nyet Soviet. Soviet Jewelry. Wasn’t that slang for handcuffs?

Eric wouldn’t be surprised if Nikolai had some soviet jewelry. Nikolai’s hands were broad and strong looking; perfect for wielding handcuffs. Why did he find that idea mildly exciting?

“Are you related to Issac Asimov, the writer?” Eric asked.

Nikolai spared him a brief look before turning back to the screen. “No.”   

Obviously small talk was not tall, built and blond’s forte. Eric bit back a sigh and straightened. He opened his filing cabinet. Might as well organize his next task.

“I have read him though. He is a very good writer.”

Eric turned around. Nikolai was watching him.

“Have you read him, Eric?”

With that accent everything Nikolai said sounded sexy. Even the way he said Eric’s name. He felt a frisson of excitement begin low in his belly and travel up his spine.

 “Yeah. I’ve read everything he ever wrote.”

“It is amusing. You are a lover of science-fiction yet I am the stereotypical computer technician.”

“There’s nothing stereotypical about you,” Eric blurted. He clamped his lips together. Why the hell had he said that?

Nikolai smiled and Eric almost groaned. That smile was sexy as hell.

“I believe that is a compliment. Thank you.”

Nikolai cheeks were tinged with pink. Was he blushing? Holy fuck, was he interested? Eric felt his face burn. He licked his suddenly dry lips. “You’re welcome.”

Nikolai met his eyes and smiled again. He turned back to the computer.

Lena walked over to the printer. She winked at Eric as she walked past. Eric ignored her.

“It is done.”

Eric jumped. “Oh, great. Thanks.”

Nikolai stood and moved closer. He stared at Eric with his intense eyes. “You have a much more serious problem, Eric.”

“Really?” Eric took a half step back.

Nikolai leaned in. “You have memory leakage but I will take care of it for you.”

“Okay.” Eric swallowed. “Thank you.”

“It is nothing. I am happy to do this for you.”

“Good. Great.”

“I will come back tomorrow. Yes?”

“Yes,” Eric agreed.

Nikolai scrutinized him then smiled again. “Tomorrow.” He turned on his heel and left.

Lena jumped up. “Oh my God, he’s hot: Scary though. He was totally flirting with you.”


“Maybe he’ll try to seduce you. Wouldn't that be romantic?"

Eric wasn’t sure romantic was the right word but it sure would be interesting.

To be continued.

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  1. Oh my GAWD, I love you! I'm picturing this, like, sexy, Russain Thor character. But as a computer geek?? Great beginning! Can't wait for more. :)

  2. WOW I'm swooning over Nikolai, WOW. I'm part Russian do you think he'd come fix my memory leakage? (I mean I do suffer from swiss cheese memory :D)

    great story Pender, I can't wait to see how one fixes memory leakage :D

    WOW I never saw an IT guy look like him!

  3. Great start, Pender, can't wait to see more!

  4. Intriguing start to another great story.