Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Silver Flash Fiction

Time for another flash fiction.
The prompt was "It's 4:00 A.M. and ..."
The story will continue next week.

Every Man's Fantasy
 Copyright © 2011

It’s 4:00 A.M. and I’m halfway through my shift. I don’t mind my job. I like working the graveyard shift at a coffee and donut chain but sometimes I wonder if it’s called the graveyard shift because it’s the middle of the night or because the customers are as animated as zombies.

There’s only one table occupied. The guy looks like he has chronic insomnia. He’s red-eyed, unshaven and hunched over a cold coffee.

I work on my reading assignment. My professor gets mad if we come to class unprepared, but nothing’s sinking in. Instead I think about books I’d like to read, movies I’d like to see. That leads to thinking about the movie I watched on the Internet last night.

You can guess what kind of movie it was. Pretty typical except … the blond guy ... there was something about him. He had kind of a boy-next-door look but with a big ol’ streak of bad boy: A sexy combination. There was this goldfish tattoo on his forearm. The muscles of his arm flexed and the fish seemed to writhe when he gripped the sheets and … other things.

I daydream about meeting him. We’d flirt with each other, go out to dinner or maybe a movie then back to my place and shazam!

The arrival of a group of clubbers interrupts my fantasy. The girls are wearing too much makeup and not enough clothing. They jostle each other, laughing together as they come up to the counter.

There are three girls and two guys. One of the guys is with a blond girl. She’s snuggled into him and his arm’s around her. He pays for her coffee and leads her to a table. The other two girls order separately and pay for their own stuff. The other guy is the last to order. He’s smiling and friendly as he orders hot chocolate.

I hand it over and watch him as he walks over to their table. He looks familiar.

He’s about my age and good-looking. Wholesome with soft-looking, blond hair flopping into blue eyes and light freckles across his nose. He’s wearing a button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and jeans.

I try not to eavesdrop but it’s quiet and, except for the insomniac, they’re the only people in here. One of the girls calls him Rob.

I try to figure out where I’ve seen him before but it’s hopeless. I can’t recognize people out of context unless I know them well. He could live in the same building as me, or be in one of my classes and I wouldn’t figure it out.

I give up trying to place him and just enjoy looking.

Then I get it. He reminds me of the guy from the video, except it’s not him. That guy was called Jaden. Plus he looked younger and his hair was shorter.

I stop staring before he catches me and go back to my textbook. I actually manage to read something but I tune back in when I realize the girls are teasing him about watching the guy behind the counter. 

I look up and he’s looking at me. I watch as he stands. Peals of laughter follow him as he approaches the counter.       



“Ask for his phone number,” calls one of the girls.

He rolls his eyes but he’s smiling. “My sister and her friends. They’re unstoppable.”

There’s a pause as we assess each other. 

“You want another hot chocolate?”

He smiles. “Sure.”

I can feel his eyes on me as I make his drink. It makes my body flush and my skin prickle pleasantly. I bring the drink over to him. He pays and as I hand him his change a quarter slips through his fingers and rolls across the counter.

He reaches for it and the sleeve of his shirt slides up. He has a tattoo — the same as the one in the video. He’s Jaden.

He looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth but I remember the video. He had something in his mouth all right but it wasn’t butter. 

“Your tattoo.”


“I’ve seen it before.”

“Yeah?” He sounds cautious now.

I look up. His eyes are wary.

“Your hair’s different.”

“That was two years ago.”

“I just saw it last night.”

He winces and looks uncomfortable. “I signed a contract.”

“Jaden’s not your real name?”

He shakes his head. “My name’s Rob,” he says dully.

The girls have stopped giggling. The other guy senses something’s wrong. He gets up but his girlfriend follows him and tugs him back to his seat. “Let Rob handle it,” she says and I realize she’s the sister.

He pockets his change and turns, leaving his drink on the counter. He’s not at all what I expected.

“People do crazy things sometimes,” I hear myself say.

He stops and turns back. “Especially when they’re young and stupid.” He sounds rueful. “It messes up any chance of a relationship with a decent guy.”

“Maybe it wouldn’t if they knew at the start.”

“No?” he asks slowly,

I smile. “Well it’s going to be a distraction the first time we go out to dinner.”

He blinks, then smiles back. The smile morphs into his bad boy grin. “We could stay in and get take-out.”

My lips twitch. “That could work. Are you busy tonight?”

“I’m seeing you,” he double checks my nametag, “Sam. ”

We exchange phone numbers and he stays to chat and drink his hot chocolate. I reach over and wipe a fleck of cream off his lip. His pupils dilate.

I know the sex will be great but I like him too. I want to date him, not just sleep with him.

“Rob. Let’s go,” someone calls.

He hesitates.

“I’ll call you.”

“Okay.” He smiles again.

I watch him leave. He waves from the sidewalk and I wave back. I grin. I think I’ve just started dating a porn star. Every man's fantasy.

To be continued.

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  1. I loved this. I like that Jaden/Rob was so hesitant after he found out Sam knew about his film - not your typical porn star. I hope you continue with their story.

  2. Wow, this was great, Pender, i want to see more of these two!

  3. this was HOT Pender. I want to see more too! very nicely done

  4. I must check out your published stuff. I like the characters, the tension... well done.

  5. Please, please continue this. . . I really felt the chemistry between these two.