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Silver Flash Fiction March 16, 2011

Silver Flash Fiction

I wrote about Ward and Thomas a couple of weeks ago in Finding the Balance. I had an idea for a story about a couple arguing on the way home from a concert so I created Ward and Thomas. I don’t know where they came from but as I wrote the characters they almost seemed to emerge fully formed.

I couldn’t stop thinking about them, wondering what their back-story was, why Thomas had self-confidence issues, what Ward was really like.

So I wrote this. If you haven’t read Finding the Balance I’d suggest you read that first. 

The prompt this week was “Don’t look at me like that.” Hope you enjoy.  

Letting Go
Copyright © 2011

“That’s it babe. Slide your leg up a little higher.”

Thomas tucked one knee up, close to his ribs, and drew in a shuddery breath. He lay on his belly, Ward kneeling behind him.

Ward ran soothing hands along his sides and pressed his chest against Thomas’s back.

Thomas turned his head for a kiss. Ward obliged, kissing him deeply.

“You ready, babe?”

Thomas nodded. “Y-yeah.” He was. He was so ready.

Ward’s weight lifted off him. Warm hands on his ass and then pressure at his entrance. Slow, sweet pleasure-pain as his body was breached.

Ward rested on his elbows and wrapped his arms around Thomas, holding him close.

He cried out at the welcome, familiar sensation as Ward pushed slowly, relentlessly forward. “Easy, Thomas. Relax, breathe.” 

Ward stilled, kissed his shoulders, his neck, his hair. “I’m gonna move now, okay?’ He began to rock in and out.

Thomas whimpered. Such a needy sound but he couldn’t help it.

“It’s okay. I’ve got you.”

Waves of pleasure washed over him. Each one overlapping the one before, never quite dying away before Ward slid forward again and the next wave of sweet sensation began.

Ward’s hand moved to his nipple, tugging, stroking. It slid down his body in a caress, over his belly, along the inside of his thigh to cup and massage his balls, over to his cock, but only to tease. Ward liked to draw their lovemaking out.

Ward was in him, over him, around him. He was everywhere. And talking. All the time, talking. “I love making love to you. You feel so good. You’re so beautiful Thomas.” He moved rhythmically as he spoke.

It was always like this with Ward. The slow build, the ebb and flow of sensation, like waves on the beach. Like the ocean wearing the rocks down into sand. Thomas dropped his head and surrendered to the pleasure.

They had met at the library. Ward had walked right up to the reference desk and asked for his help finding a book. Then he’d asked him to dinner.

Thomas had refused politely. Mental alarm bells had been ringing. Something about the big, soft-spoken man had scared him. Ward had looked at him as if he could see into all his secret places. "Don't look at me like that," he’d snapped.

“Okay,” Ward had said mildly. He’d left then and Thomas had been relieved and disappointed.

When the library closed Ward had been waiting for him outside. Thomas had never been pursued before. Either he agreed to a date or he didn’t. Usually he didn’t. He’d been so nonplussed he’d allowed himself to be bundled into Ward’s car. They’d gone to a diner for burgers and Cokes and just a few hours later he’d been right where he was now — on his belly, Ward’s big body moving over him, in him.

Thomas moaned and pushed back. He loved Ward. Would do anything for him. In the early days the strength of his feelings was frightening. 

For months he’d waited for Ward to tell him he’d made a mistake, that Thomas was too needy, too much work. And then, when he’d finally started to think it was okay to love Ward, there was the accident and he’d almost lost him. Except he hadn’t.

When it had really mattered, his insecurities and self-doubt had vanished and instinctively he’d done the right thing. He’d saved Ward.

Afterward when the adrenaline wore off he’d been shaking and babbling about how scared he’d been, how he couldn’t believe he’d actually managed to save him.

Ward had held him and stroked his hair. “You fight for the things you care about, Thom.”

Thomas had stared at him, surprised. Ward had seen something in him that Thomas hadn’t even known was there. It had given him faith in himself, faith in them as a couple. He’d finally let go then. Let go of his fears of rejection.

He focused on Ward, moved against him. Ward did something to him, made him feel things that no one else could. His joints were loosening, bones dissolving. His body was coming apart. He was coming undone.

He must have made some sound, maybe groaned Ward’s name.

“That’s it Thom. You’re okay, babe. I’ve got you.”

Ward moved faster, each deep sweep and slide building on the last, until Thomas was on top of the wave, riding the wave. He hung there for minutes.

“God, you’re so beautiful. I love you so much. Gonna let you fly babe.”

Thomas shook his head. He was surfing not flying. He was riding the wave.

 “It’s okay. Let go.” Ward pressed closer, tugging his hips up, moving faster and Thomas was falling, crashing.

Ward’s movements were more urgent. “Tommy, oh Tommy.”

The wave tumbled over him, his head full of churning white foam and sand.


When awareness returned Ward was lying on his back and he was lying on Ward, his head resting on his lover’s chest.

Ward was rhythmically petting him. His big hand swept back and forth over the cheek of his ass. Possessive. Soothing.

He snuggled closer to Ward and smiled a secret smile against Ward’s skin.

Ward was an unusual name, an old name. Thomas had looked it up. It meant watchman, guardian. His lover was named well. Ward watched over him, kept him safe and Thomas realized he did the same for Ward. Together they were stronger than either of them apart.

“You okay, Thom?”

Thomas looked into Ward’s eyes and smiled. “Never felt better.”

The End.

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  1. This was absolutely beautiful. I went back and read Finding the Balance, and I loved that, too. I hope we get to see more of these two!

  2. this was wonderful. I'd love to see more of them.

  3. Very hot and a wonderful continuation of the previous story.

  4. Thanks everyone. I'm happy you enjoyed the story.